Tauranga boxer close to Commonwealth dreams

Ariane Nicholson is making a name for herself in the fight community. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

A Tauranga resident and self-employed hair dresser by day is on the verge of representing New Zealand at the Commonwealth games as a boxer.

Breaking the stereotype, Ariane Nicholson who owns ‘Hair by Ariane’ started boxing eight years ago and her path has been far from the conventional route.

“I have been boxing from scratch for eight years. I started out at TGA Box Health and Fitness just as an average person, slightly overweight, who wanted to get fit and healthy. They do corporate fights at that gym, so I signed up to do one and after my first fight, I took the steps into amateur boxing and actually went pro for a year.”

Ariane says corporate boxing is just for anybody who wants to sign up and challenge themselves.

“You do from six to eight weeks training and then you get matched up with somebody who has similar abilities and weight – then you have at it.

“Your friends and family come along for the night to watch you. It’s a fun night and a really good challenge for personal growth.”

Boxing is past being a hobby for Ariane and coupled with a tireless work ethic, she has had to make a lot of sacrifices.

“I want this more than anything. I live and breathe boxing, and even more so at the moment with the selections this close.

“I don’t get a lot of time with my friends and family – which is hard- as I train six days a week and sometimes twice a day.

 “I wouldn’t say my work suffers because of my boxing but I have had to put everything I have into it. It’s all-consuming for sure.”

Ariane feels this is a final shot at the top for her as far as amateur boxing goes.

“I’m really hoping to make the Commonwealth Games team as I’m turning 39 this year and you can’t fight as an amateur past the age of 40.

“I’ve got a very short window left of my amateur career but it’s been a great one thus far.”

Ariane is currently waiting for the announcement as to whether she has made the Commonwealth Team or not.

“It’s something I’ve been work towards for the last few years and it would mean everything to me if I made the team, that’s for sure. I’m getting pretty close to finding out and hopefully they’ll let me know by the end of the week.”


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Good Luck, Ariane.

Posted on 17-06-2022 14:37 | By morepork

It looks like you have put a huge amount into this and your window is getting smaller. (It’s not like you can have another crack at it in the future...) If you are not selected, don’t let that devastate you or put you off your sport. Boxing is a fine sport and it isn’t just about recognition. With the effort you have been making I believe you deserve this, but whatever the outcome, I wish you every success.

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