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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

Well, the weather pattern has remained much the same this week, with the exception of going a bit more Easterly. We got out on Sunday for a day trip, headed out toward the usual haunts in the deeper water, but with forecast was a little out form what was predicted, instead of getting SE in the morning, and NE in the afternoon, we started the day with NE, and swung to the SE in the afternoon. Makes planning a little bit tricky. After a 30 minute stop in one of the deeper spots, everyone had a few Tarakihi to take home for a feed, and rather than bounce around in the open, we decided to try some shallow water fishing around the Western side of Motiti with good numbers of snapper showing up. First decent numbers we have seen for a few months, so hopefully a sign of the snapper starting to move into the shallower water over the Spring. We weren't getting huge numbers of small snapper, fewer fish, but better quality size in general. A few fishers getting their limit of snapper for the day, up to around 1.5kg. Managed a nice kingfish at the end of the day, about 85cm after being busted off by another that was hooked around lunchtime. As soon as this weather settles down its going to be an interesting season!.