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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

Most fishers spend a lot of time comparing baits, lines, rods, hooks, tide times, moon phases, fishing calendars, you name it……

The overriding issue from my observations is the amount of current flowing at any particular time. And that's the least considered aspect by most fishers.

Some species, e.g. snapper, trevally, kahawai, red snapper, will follow the current to the bait. In fact you can often tell which direction the current's flowing from on the bottom by which side of the boat is catching better.

Often it's in line with wind direction, which is why there's always a rush to the stern of the boat, as that gets first dibs at hungry fish.

In the summer months though, as the warmer currents start to flow South from the equator, there's a lot more variation in flow strength and direction and this has the biggest impact on the fishes behaviour.

This is normal, and December to February tend to be the most inconsistent months.

It can be great one day, and hard as the next, with no apparent weather changes, to the degree that I hate even saying when we've had a good day, because it's like the kiss of death for the next.

Don't mention it and it might happen 2 days running.