Money there for nurses

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim that any new pay offer to nurses “would have to be made using funds already allocated, as there's no more” is nonsense. His understanding of how the money system works is paper thin, and...... Read More

Refuse GM food

I was shocked and appalled at the attitude of the ‘government’s scientific agricultural advisor’ I believe he was called, when he told reporters that he was absolutely sure that genetically-modified foods were completely okay for human...... Read More

Teachers, not lunch box police

Should teachers have the right to tell parents what they can and can’t put in their own children’s lunch box? Absolutely not! Good grief, what next? Supermarket police telling us what we can and can’t buy, or maybe checkout operators...... Read More

Working for a ‘thank you’

An advertisement in The Weekend Sun (page 27, July 6) had the scale of fees paid to TECT committee members. It was completely surprising to this candidate, who is used to working for nothing as a volunteer. Indeed, you have your hand in your pocket often,...... Read More

Parking hard to use

Who was the dork that designed the parking spots at Tauriko and Bethlehem malls? They must have been at a Saturday night party. They are totally hard to get in and out of without a compass. The design for Bethlehem is appalling, with five roundabouts...... Read More

How to attract garden visitors

Want to invite waxeyes into your garden over winter? If you have a ready supply of ripe oranges or grapefruit just cut the fruit in half and put it out for them and if they are around they will soon find and enjoy it. You may be pleasantly surprised...... Read More

Full and frank investigation required

A government Royal Commission of Inquiry into historical abuse in state care is to be set up and it will be chaired by Sir Anand Satyanand, respected lawyer, judge and former ombudsman and governor general. It is expected to take three years and will...... Read More

Power lies in office

In regards to single-use plastics it seems to me that too much responsibility is put on consumers to change their habits. However, the real change must come from producers and governments. They are the ones who have the real power. Governments around...... Read More

Support for Anihera

Anihera Zhou Black's courageous exposure of the dark side of her late husband’s life should be cheered for its selfless thoughts for those persons who have been irreparably damaged. May those people find the courage to come forward to verify...... Read More

Cultural differences respected

B Johnson (SunLive, July 6) accuses the government of having a Maori-slanted agenda. In my view B Johnson has a Pakeha-slanted agenda, so that anything not Pakeha-slanted seems Maori-slanted to him. He asks what other western government gives such special...... Read More

Opinion Poll

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