So much music, so little space

It's not often I blow it two weeks in a row; blame it on too much sun... Last week I aimed to write about the jazz festival, got distracted by this weekend's... Read More

Studio time: Visiting the BOP's artists

I realise I've not yet even mentioned this year's jazz festival. Better late than never on that one and you still have six weeks to mentally prepare,... Read More

Remembering Paul Parkhouse

I have one gig I promised to mention, so I'm doing that right up-front. It should be outstanding. Critically-acclaimed Australian duo This Way North celebrate... Read More

Must be a sign of the times...

Being something of a political sceptic, it always impresses me when MPs do something useful. So it was a couple of week's back, when Bay of Plenty MP Tom... Read More

Waitangi "Weekend" brings the music

Two long weekends in a row - can life get any better? Of course the second one isn't strictly a long weekend. Waitangi Day is a Tuesday. But is anyone... Read More

Amanda Palmer returns; and some gigs

Amanda Palmer has a complicated history in New Zealand. Now she's back... The American singer, songwriter, musician, and performance artist is playing Queenstown,... Read More

Cultural liberation; and some gigs

The news that most interested me as we arrived in 2024 is the wealth of cultural material that has moved into the public domain. What that means is anyone... Read More

A quick musical ‘best of’...

So we come to Christmas. Nearly there. In case you didn't know, this is also the last column of the year since The Weekend Sun team is taking a well-earned... Read More

A musical smorgasbord

OK. We're approaching the 'Ho, Ho, Ho” end of the year. Don't panic. I have a few things to share this week. Look upon it as a loose smorgasbord... Read More

Grant Haua - from Paris to Pukehinahina

After touring Europe and Australia and being praised in Rolling Stone magazine, Grant Haua is home. He told me he's going fishing and after the last few... Read More

Reggae with a Rastafari message

People tell me I take music too seriously; who am I to argue? Someone has to. This week the wit and intelligence of Kim Hill disappeared from radio - thanks... Read More

Soundtracks, songwriters and Big Muffins

I had intended to turn this week over to music reviews. The lede was debut album 'Soul Exodus' from John Michaelz and the Black Brothers Band, local... Read More