New music, new shows, new app

Since we live in such a tech-savvy interconnected world, you'd think it would be getting simpler, not harder, to find stuff. We're certainly... Read More

The truth according to Van and Frank

Two albums have been on heavy rotate recently at The Watusi Country Club. There's the fantastic new offering from a legendary veteran who is churning... Read More

The British are coming!

That’s what Paul Revere is reputed to have shouted on his famous 1775 midnight ride to warn sleeping Massachusetts colonists of the advancing British... Read More

Record Roundabout returns

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Yep, we're starting this week with an eminently true bit of French. For those less familiar... Read More

The Bay’s best little festival

The Bay is becoming a new home for music festivals in New Zealand. Spring Things – on at the Mount’s Soper Reserve over Labour Weekend –... Read More

There’s more to this life than rugby

October this year is a tricky time for promoters and bands: the Rugby World Cup messes everything up. It's not as though every single person in... Read More

Pioneering women in the Bay

It’s October already, a month for female singer-songwriters to wend their way  to Tauranga. There has been a huge rise of female singer-songwriters... Read More

Music at the Jam Factory

So much music, so little time... There really is so much on that I'm looking for a way to present something other than what amounts to a seven hundred... Read More

The Mayoral Candidates – Revealed! Part Two

It’s time for Part Two of The Great 2019 Mayoral Music Survey. The first four respondents featured last week (see They were:... Read More

The Mayoral Candidates - Revealed! Part 1...

Politics. It’s a funny old game, innit? We’re counting down to another local election. Time for everyone to try and remember who to punish... Read More

Gigs gigs gigs – music next weekend

 Gigs. Next weekend. Damn, but there’re a lot of them... Starting on Friday (September 13) we once again find ourselves at The Jam Factory.... Read More

The blues comes to town

Some weeks this column wanders. And why not? It's called Music Plus and there's a lot of “Plus” out there to add onto the Music. I... Read More

Making music at the film festival

It's Film Festival time again! Yep, the Tauranga leg of the New Zealand International Film Festival kicked off last night with a little bit of French... Read More

Silver Jews and purple mountains

Songs can be deceptive; songs can mess up your mind. Because pretty much everything, however dark and dangerous, however sad and tragic, can sound good... Read More

Loserpalooza is coming!

There are two sides to Tauranga. It often seems – possibly with good reason – that we're locked in the musical mainstream, an unthreatening... Read More