A red guitar and playing the blues

As the music scene returns to normal so does this column; this week we’ve got a blues gig and a new album. The album, My Red Guitar, is by Tauranga... Read More

New music – there’s a lot of it!

Some weeks things simply don’t work out the way you planned. Following a column talking about local studios and the types of albums they produce,... Read More

Recording studio insights

It's an odd feeling, but things seem to be returning to normal. And once again, as I follow foreign news from America, Britain, India, even little... Read More

Local boy makes good (jazz)

Brighton, like many English cites, has a vibrant jazz scene; and there’s a drummer from Tauranga right in the midst of it. Mainstay of the scene... Read More

Bringing colour to the world

We are living, and forgive me for stating the bleedin' obvious, in unusual times. While we ponder moving to Level One, much of the world is tearing... Read More

Living in (musical) limbo

While many things seem almost normal again, the music scene is currently living  in limbo. Actually, I think that's true of a lot of Tauranga;... Read More

Live music is back!

The music scene at the moment reminds me of one of those David Attenborough documentaries. We've all seen them: gorgeous time-lapse photography... Read More

Live music – it’s a tricky one

As I write this we are about to end level 3; as you read this we will have just entered level 2. Things are changing. Many of us – including at... Read More

Still art in isolation

I have a strange tale for you today. It involves the notion of being an artist and, I guess, that age-old question: what is art? I find the whole “being... Read More

Don’t mind the blues

Greetings from lockdown. We're all in the same boat now... I got in early, going into self-isolation 30 hours before the entire country after picking... Read More

The big silence begins...

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a slowly descending silence. Things are not going well right now. I sat down with a friend... Read More

Jazz is not dead...

“Jazz is not dead” - that's what Frank Zappa famously said; he added “It just smells funny”.  It's a good line. I... Read More

Rare instruments from EmRiver

An endless stream of new music is continuously escaping all round the world; this week I'll look at some coming from right here. But first let me... Read More

March brings more music

A new week, new gigs and a new shade of brown for what we once used to call the lawn here at The Watusi Country Club. These days it’s more a swathe... Read More

Twisting by the pool, fundraising and more

As we all look at the skies awaiting rain, music continues to pour into Tauranga. I’m sure there’s a pile of it that I miss. But I do try... Read More