Incubating multicultural music

Exciting times are on the horizon, and I am an avid observer. But only an observer. When you good folk of Tauranga vote for the first new council since 2021,... Read More

Two new albums from the Bay

I'm looking at two new local albums today, very different from each other but with one big similarity. One is from Irish band The Whittakers, the other from... Read More

Ukes, blues, Hekapa and ‘Garage Fuzz’...

It seems my tidy plan for New Zealand Music Month has descended into chaos. C'est la vie. And though it's all over now, it seems the sudden glut of local... Read More

Thank you for the music, Rodger

I was ready to review a couple of local albums today when I heard Rodger Fox had died. I write in advance, of course, so by the time you read this it will be... Read More

A hardcore finale for Music Month

Okay. Into the final straight of New Zealand Music Month. Being a month with five weekends I have two columns left: just as well as things are happening apace. I've... Read More

Exploring Shadow & Light…

Continuing to celebrate New Zealand Music Month, it's time to fill what has become a gaping hole in the column's recent content - no ‘Shadow & Light'. Which... Read More

Beatniks, turkeys and MetroGnomes

We're about one-third of the way through New Zealand Music Month - and thank you for asking, yes, there is a plan. It's pretty simple: write about the many shows... Read More

Band and Deliver for Music Month

There is a time for every season under heaven and currently it's time for New Zealand Music Month. I mentioned it last week and I hope to no one's great surprise... Read More

New Zealand Music Month is here

So New Zealand Music Month is once again upon us. I must confess to somewhat mixed feeling about the whole concept of NZMM, though I find it uncomfortable... Read More

New music and a little weather

'You don't write about English anymore.” That's what a guy said in the supermarket the other day and he was completely correct. The thing... Read More

Digging into the local blues scene

Last week I started on the local blues scene - let's continue... There are a number of acts to watch for, from traditional blues players - Mike Garner... Read More

Tauranga's thriving blues scene

The world can be strange. Even l'il ol' New Zealand sometimes surprises. Who would have expected, for instance, Easter news to be dominated by tales... Read More