The Hallstars are here!

This week is all about Eugene O'Reilly's latest project: The Hallstars Volume One. Many know Eugene from the band Five O'Clock Shadow and... Read More

A farewell to Nana Holland

This week's column comes in two sections; there is no segue. The reason is that I've spent the week listening to one of the most remarkable... Read More

Hybrid blues launch debut album

These are, to say the least, trying times for musicians. Faced with the current situation you can either postpone everything or push on through. Amongst... Read More

Goodbye to two of the best

On Sunday I got an email from Ticketmaster. The subject line read: ‘Can you believe it's been a year since Justin Townes Earle?’ On... Read More

Hybrid Blues pushes on through

Let's start this week by taking time out for that evergreen segment of many a social function – a little housekeeping. I have spent the past... Read More

New Shona Laing and more...

Recently it's all been live shows. Let's move on to the recording scene – there's a lot happening. I was reminded of this when I called... Read More

Blues, Punk, Swing - More August Music

Last week I started looking at live music in August. This week? More of the same. I know I keep going on about it, but for someone who keeps a constant... Read More

Films, music – it’s all on for August

I used to assume that when days start getting longer, they also get warmer.  Sadly that’s not true. And with the arrival of August imminent,... Read More

Experimenting with music

If you thought things in the world were weird before now then just hang on for what's next. This is not the best time to be making predictions but... Read More

Punk rock, percussion, synths – mucho live music

The floodgates have opened, the damn has broken, the cows are coming home to roost. Yes, it is again all on in the live music scene. Bands are frantically... Read More

Returning to something like normal

One more week and one more small sign that we're returning to normal. Concerts in the Gallery at the Te Puna Quarry Park are kicking off again this... Read More

A red guitar and playing the blues

As the music scene returns to normal so does this column; this week we’ve got a blues gig and a new album. The album, My Red Guitar, is by Tauranga... Read More

New music – there’s a lot of it!

Some weeks things simply don’t work out the way you planned. Following a column talking about local studios and the types of albums they produce,... Read More

Recording studio insights

It's an odd feeling, but things seem to be returning to normal. And once again, as I follow foreign news from America, Britain, India, even little... Read More

Local boy makes good (jazz)

Brighton, like many English cites, has a vibrant jazz scene; and there’s a drummer from Tauranga right in the midst of it. Mainstay of the scene... Read More