Bob and Bruce still busy

Let's check in with the old fellas today. It's something I do from time to time and specifically this week we're talking about Bruce and... Read More

Spotlight on: the Grant Haua Trio

Ever wondered what happened to soul music? The stuff that makes you dance like an uninhibited child? It's on the comeback, as three local lads and... Read More

Music – from Matariki to the Mount

As Matariki events continue, calls are out to create a public holiday. This isn’t a new thing. Just as Matariki rolls round annually so do voices... Read More

Mulling over movies with a warm wine

Music Plus is the name of the column so I tend to skip between a solid diet of music and a smorgasbord of related cultural food groups. This week we’re... Read More

Country legends and folk concerts in NZ

So here we are on the long road back from winter; it’ll be summer before you know it... Yep, last weekend marked the year’s shortest day... Read More

Reggae fever and three narcs

I write this just as the first line-up announcement for next year’s One Love Festival has been made. And very impressive it is too. You’ve... Read More

Shirley Ryder is Lucy Star

I’ve written about Shirley Ryder a lot this year; today I’m writing about her again. Shirley is a singer, songwriter, YouTube presenter... Read More

Ten shows coming up in 10 days

Perhaps everyone was waiting for the Queen to have her birthday before organising gigs; whatever the reason, there’s a lot of music about to occur. That’s... Read More

Dealing with the difficult music pile

Though I listen to music in all the ways one listens to music nowadays, I still have a preference for CDs. So colour me old-fashioned, stuck in my ways... Read More

One man’s sonic delusion

It seems to be that the colder it gets the more likely bands are to release new albums. Which actually makes a certain amount of sense. When it’s... Read More

Rebel songs could lose potency

As New Zealand hems and haws over the efficacy of legalising marijuana, musicians and songwriters face a different conundrum: What happens to the future... Read More

Sean Bodley – Superhuman guitarist

Tauranga has a number of cottage industries. One of them is guitarist Sean Bodley. I’m not sure if “cottage industry” is exactly the... Read More

Winston is easily amused

There is, once again, a raft of unusual and interesting shows on the music horizon. But before moving onto more musical matters, a recent newspaper... Read More

Jazz is done but the beats must go on

So Easter and the Jazz Festival are  over for another year. But the beat goes on... Actually, this weekend is a quiet one. Perhaps everyone needs... Read More

It’s here – the 57th national Jazz Festival!

Today I want to do nothing but rave about The Jazz Festival. Because it deserves it. The 57th Tauranga National Jazz Festival is about to kick off and... Read More