Friendship and sharing are the week's themes. Travel plans run a little wild on Saturday. Socially you shine but check that you are not upstaging loved ones


This is a good week to clear up small understandings. Join discussion groups and enter fun contests. A friendship is ready to burst into full bloom.


Your curiosity becomes increasingly active and with good reason. An important business deal could be starting to develop. Responsibility gradually increases as the week goes on. Don't cancel or postpone appointments with any specialist.


Think twice before discarding or selling anything. You are too eager to clean up these days!  You may have to do some quick mending in the friendship and romance departments.


Watch the tendency to volunteer too often - you will be held to the letter of your promises. You may find yourself involved in a political project. To many cancellations seem a way of life this week.


The accent is on verbal communication. Librans and Cancerians figure in the week's enjoyment. This is a good week to initiate creative projects. Make an effort to conclude financial dealings.


This is a fine week for creative expression - try a new medium. You find yourself excitable on the weekend but try to keep things on the straight and narrow.


Don't listen for applause for jobs well done - you will be dissapointed. Extra time spent communicating to people can throw schedules way off. The weekend favours advice giving and music.


An outstanding career possibility opens up at last. Romance-wise, this is a mellow week. Relatives make surprise visits, with a few demands attached. Expect some surprises on the weekend.


This is an offbeat week - and that's an understatement at work and at home. Little arguments can turn to explosions, so keep your temper in check. This weekend has an exotic feeling.


Fight for a cause. This is not a week for the meek. Some people may become quite generous so learn from them. You attract a new following after the weekend.


Travel is favoured, especially through the weekend, but look for a new travel companion. Health needs require extra pampering. Argue over any injustices you experience or observe.

Your birthday this week

Each season will offer a new opportunity and an added responsibility. Be less vulnerable to criticism and much more decisive. Romance can flourish but don't be so secretive.