You could find yourself in the spotlight and to everyone's amusement, you are a little embarrased. Ignore troublemakers on the weekend, but pay keen attention to community goings-on.


This is a marvelous week for anyone starting a new job or relationship. For others, there's a chance to increase earnings and prestige, but your approach should be more delicate than usual.


You could feel a little negative on Thursday and Friday, then a chance occurrence should lift your spirits. A possible cancellation on the weekend is likely for the best. Unusual domestic chores greet you early in the week.


Don't feel that you have to be Mr or Ms Originality. Your brightest ideas are ones that worked for you in the past. Some changes in the home are indicated. Relatives can be critical and neighbours a little standoffish.


You are a little forgetful and a little clumsy, but more charming than ever. Be extra careful in sports activities. More intriguing announcements may come your way, along with an unexpected bill and a surprise monetary gain.


Nosy relatives and a surprise expense gets the week off to a rough start - but it all changes by Thursday. Your family is surprisingly cooperative, your partner uncommonly gentle and your work mates shockingly helpful.


You feel as through you are being held back and if one word describes the week, it's restlessness. Share feelings with loved ones and try to learn from their experiences. A tiny windfall brightens the week.


Investigation is the current keyword, so don't play hunches. The time is right for a new sideline. A creative venture can prove profitable. You are filled with vigour on the weekend, but don't overdo anything.


It seems that your are preoccupied with money matters. Everything you dabble in has some kind of financial overtones. Details in work, romance and communication must be attended to with increased diligence.


Family activities dominate the week and the job environment improves. Watch what you say informally now, you could be accused of gossip when all you tried to do was spread good news.


It's a great week for re-evaluating your career goals. Friends may reveal some secrets. It would be for the best to keep those secrets to yourself. Mechanical troubles could complicate the weekend.


Someone may shock you with their comments on loved ones - their loved ones or your own. A call will clear up a recent misunderstanding, but a letter, text or email may launch a brand new one.

Your birthday this week

If people sometimes think that you have trouble making up your mind, it's only because you see two sides of every issue so very clearly. Relationships should take on an important new dimension.


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