You continue to be in the social limelight, but you are spending more time close to home. Education is emphasised this week. Hunches could be unreliable.


You are presenting a glamorous image now, attracting sophistacated types. Surprises can fall a little flat on the weekend. Don't put off visits, appointments or correspondence.


Be more precise in expressing views and be much more direct in explaining your intentions. Better communications relieves family tensions. This weekend could be the liveliest for a long while.


Old business problems may surface this week. Family could prove resourceful in helping out. Diplomacy is a must through the week. Indulge loved ones on the weekend.


Surprise detours happen all through the week. Check that you have current maps and amiable travel companions. Maintenance is  important. Look after family health needs and tend to all repairs around the home.


This is a highly influential week, particularly with older persons. This a good inventory week - check up on anything loaned out. Expect to see a new side of an old friend.


Tend to all legal matters without delay and don't resist asking “silly” questions. Technical problems can frustrate you. Romantic entanglements happily unwind during the weekend.


Romantic entanglements need some analysis - this is not the time to laugh off a dilemma. Younger relatives prove cheerful and stimulating company. Your budget may need some straightening out.


Work mates and neighbours prove super supportive, but be ready to return all favours by the week's end. If ill, don't resist your doctors orders. In general, check your rebellious streak.


This is the week to launch a self improvement project. Single Capricornians can improve their social status right now. The weekend favours a ltttle mainenance around the home. Try to humour a moody friend.


Surprise news gets the week off to an unpredictable start. Don't reveal confidences to the wrong person - perception may be off a touch. A recent romantic setback is reversed.


The accent is on earning. Prepare for overtime. Members of the opposite sex flatter you - don't shrug off their kind words. A family problem could get complicated by Friday.

Your birthday this week

You are considered adaptable, which is a handy trait during the coming unpredictable months. You are also a little vague - but for the sake of romance you just can't afford wishy washiness.

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