There is cause for celebration as a domestic obligation is lifted from your shoulders. This can be your week to be the big spender - and you have to admit it's satisfying.


Balancing budgets and paying bills can take up more time than you planned, and you may have to forgo an outing or date. Advancement is highlighted through the week.


Thoughts and projects go off on tangents, but the tangents can be more informative than the initial subjects. Watch out for anyone oozing too much charm, or offering too many good ideas.


You are in a very proper, formal frame of mind, though the people you are socializing with happen to be a little offbeat. Interesting financial opportunities open up.


The week has the feeling of a comedy of errors, Whatever your plan, it seems to go wrong. On the positive side, some unexpected successes come your way after the weekend.


The week's theme is recycling. An old idea that met with resistance can now be a winner, if you present it in a new format. Romance wise, your partner could stand a little more encouragement.


In finance, this should be a lucky period. In romance, a complicated one. Realism should be your keyword. Your sense of timing can be slightly off, particularly in the career environment.


The week accents changes and moves. If planning a trip, you could alter your destination at the last moment. For singles, the week favours commitment. For marrieds, devotion.


The emphasis is on the new rather than the familiar.
Taking trips to unusual spots and seeing new faces are the week's highlights. Plans can get muddled Thursday, Friday.


Diplomacy is the week's keyword. You could be made privy to some information that affects two friends. You are putting in lots of overtime - keep at it, it will pay off.


This week is off to a sunny start. Singles are urged to be much bolder. For marrieds, a splendid time for a second or third honeymoon. Travelling can be hectic through the weekend.


Decorating and designing take a large chunk of the week. Your sense of style has rarely been so sharp. A little bit of drama is acted out on the weekend.

Your birthday this week

It's almost ironic. You hold onto the present, squeezing what you can out of any situation - but also you have such a sentimental streak. As for the future, it favours new educational developments which could give you a new lifestyle change.