Financial undertakings still demand time and meticulous attention. You and your family's health demands care too. An old daydream may turn into reality.


Lucky in love - at home, away, married and single. This is a good time to discuss new opportunities. Family life may be less than harmonious - best to stay in the background.


Don't be so obvious in romance. In business, however, be uncommonly forthright. It is easy to get immersed in personal affairs of remote acquaintances. Thursday and Sunday are lucky days.


Friendship, the platonic variety is featured now. Career promises are not fulfilled, yet. Family life can be hectic throughout the weekend. Don't fight it, join in the fun.


News from far away may get you making plans. People turn to you as a source of information - you are flattered, but be sure you are right. Look for shopping bargains on the weekend.


Keep informed, you have got to be up to the moment. Yours is a supporting role now, but it brings rewards. This is a good time to review miscellaneous papers.


A recent financial setback is reversed and life is now on the up. Show business has its place in the week's plan - be a ham! Older persons command more attention than usual.


Return anything that is overdue, write overdue letters return emails promptly, then sit back and enjoy what's left of a relaxing week. Phone messages can get twisted, so verify matters before you jump to conclusions.


Trust your judgement rather than experiment with your hunches. Enjoy relief from recent social pressures - but only for a while. Obligations soon come calling again.


Your pride may be punctured around the weekend, but avoid the blues and take on the competition. Decorating and painting are favoured.


House hunting and shopping around is favoured, but decisions on purchases require added caution. Don't put off meetings, especially with family. Parent - child relationships become more important.


This is a preview week. You get a sneak look into future happenings. An influentual person may contact you. This is a good time to think thin, then do something to get yourself into magnificent shape.

Your birthday this week

Thrift, energy, good conversation, a tendency to leave things unfinished and restlessness are what you are known for. You can gain advancement as a manager, but first curb that restless streak.