Coincidences are scattered through the week and your intuition is generally strong. You are inclined to spend more lavishly than you should. Your best entertaining is done on a shoestring.


Higherups support your ideas, but be prepared to back them up with statistics. A relationship becomes more relaxed. Partnership activities may require more detailed planning.


This week sees you enjoying the limelight, thanks to a recent accomplishment. Family ties strengthen and an older relative supports your stand. A lost item may be found.


Plans should prove successful even though a friend may bow out at the last minute. In group undertakings, be sure that everything is equally divided.


Thursday - Friday finds you highly intuitive, especially in romantic situations. The weekend's accent is on entertaining with flair. The highlight is on long term financial planning.


Be careful not to discard items prematurely - there may be some unknown treasures among them. Your curiosity is increasingly active - a plus on the job, a liability in romance.


Your career or academic interests undergo a period of change and a lucky romance cycle begins. Punctuality is extremely important for all meetings and appointments.


Watch a tendency to procrastinate and don't postpone or cancel appointments with specialists. Romance flourishes provided you are less secretive. An injured friendship shows signs of gradual recovery.


The focus is on reunions and reconciliations. Creativity runs high after the weekend and it is an outstanding time for redecorating or designing. Business and pleasure mix well.


Be more precise in expressing your viewpoint, especially where personal relationships are involved. A career roadblock won't be removed automatically. Your participation in all things is a vital factor.


Creative writing is highlighted, but your business writing needs some polishing. In romance, positive thinking can bring favourable results. Communications with neighbours improve.


At the workplace, diplomacy is your middle name.  Learning a foreign language could be fun and may prove advantageous. Old established remedies prove the key to solving family disputes.

Your birthday this week

You are sympathetic to the needs of others, making you a sought after friend. At home and at work, you are highly resourceful, and you are hard to pin down. Opportunities for career or financial growth may be highlighted. The key is to be observant of trends.