This week may be deceptive. Your first impressions may not be entirely accurate ones. Decorating and designing respond to your bold and adventuresome mood. An emotional friend is more down-to-earth.


Sports and recreation are on the agenda this week and this could be a good week for entering or observing competitions. Friends are more generous with their time.


A new group activity may capture your interest in a week that finds you unusually outgoing. A loved one may be under some pressure so your quiet support should be valued greatly.


A workmate or neighbour may enter into a friendly disagreement. Be sure not to read too much into the situation because it will blow over as quick as it had started.


The week accents family get-to-gethers and an important reconciliation. If considering membership in an organisation, be sure to collect all the facts first. A friend appreciates your objectivity.


A loved one may oppose your plans and there may be a worthwhile reason behind the opposition. This week is generally favourable for completing a major project and learning a new skill.


Positive financial news may arrive at an unexpected time. Family support helps you achieve a personal goal ahead of schedule. You may be travelling to a place you knew as a child.


A friend proves his of her loyalty in an unexpected way. Intriguing correspondence may arrive. Be sure to interpret it correctly before framing a reply. A relative may be in a cantankerous mood.


You may be visiting someone from the distant past and it's possible that very little has changed. Community interests can dominate your time and energy through all of the week.


This week finds you mingling with the rich and famous and chances are you are quite unimpressed. A surprising announcement may take a while to sink in. This a great time for writing songs or poems.


The week sees you pursuing and coming closer to an elusive goal. Your energy runs high so be sure to channel it in a positive direction. Educational prospects brighten through the week.


Friends of the opposite sex help you understand where a key relationship is headed. Tie-ups are a way of life for much of the week. If travelling, you may enjoy some delightful detours.

Your birthday this week

You are individualistic and broadminded, self-confident and a born leader. Some may find you a show off. Intellectual pursuits are accented over the coming months. In the community or at work, you make your mark at the end of the year.