Your intuition is generally strong. You understand the motives of neighbours and colleagues. If planning a celebration, your creative touches will win praise from an influential individual.


This is a good week for tackling household chores. Some important choices may face you now. Review trends that you observed last year before making a major decision.


This is a busy social week that sees you enjoy the role of host. Avoid short cuts, especially where finance is involved. A volunteer assignment dominates much of your time.


Your sense of humour may not be appreciated by a work mate, so be especially on guard at the workplace. Relationships are highlighted thanks to your more mature approach.


Avoid short cuts, especially in financial matters. Long term planning is favourable. In looking ahead, review patterns that appeared over the previous months.


If purchasing major items, be sure to do your research. Your work load increases but don't be shy about requesting assistance. New academic interests and travel blend well.


Co-operative endeavours bring unexpectedly sweet results. A simple expression of love may impress your partner deeply. Your influence on young ones is strong now.


Cultural events are highlighted. This is a good week for attending a concert with your partner. Reconciliations are possible, provided both parties take the issue seriously.


Ongoing discussions with family members, could lead to a resolution of a domestic problem. A childhood friend may return to the scene during a week that favours reunions and coincidences.


If you have been putting off making peace with a friend, proceed while you have got the chance. Don't hesitate to tell a loved one how you really feel about him/her.


If trying to talk someone out of doing something, opt for a subtle approach. Your organisational skills are strong. This is a good time for planning a complex project.


You project a positive image and can convince people to try your ideas. A small luxury item may come your way. If entertaining, organisation and planning are keywords.

Your birthday this week

You are an independent thinker and have strong ideals. Some people find you slightly eccentric. Focus on learning new skills. Opportunities for personal and professional advancement are offered.