An important challenge greets you at the end of the week. You may have to be bolder in the workplace and more honest in your personal relationships. The weekend includes some glamorous offerings.


Knowledge is the theme of the week. You learn from books as well as from example or seniors. Give a mate ample doses of encouragement. Hunches are strengthened after the weekend.


Your hunches are weak, so question impulses and follow your original plans closely. The accent is on creativity through the weekend. Feuding friends or relatives seek your advice.


The emphasis is on the new, not the familiar. Taking trips to unusual spots and making new friends are highlights. Prepare for a transportation/communication tie-up on the weekend.


This week could see you joining a club or a new social circle. The weekend features unexpected chores and/or unexpected guests. A Gemini may step into the friendship picture.


On the weekend, the accent is family gatherings. Getting there or back can be part of the fun. You are in the limelight, with opportunities to speak about favourite topics to influential types.


The focus is on rebuilding relationships that may have been fragile through neglect. A pleasant romantic surprise may arrive on the weekend. Recent work in the community could bring prestige.


This week you face important challenges with a professionalism that wins the applause of people in high places. Travel could offer some pleasant surprises on the weekend.


This is a deceptive sort of week. The impossible becomes child's play while routine jobs assume new complications. The weekend could find you in the company of some very important personalities.


Though it's not your style, be less secretive in your approach to relationships with older relatives. Property negotiations are favourable. Travel plans may be subject to revision.


A financial setback may be less unpleasant than it first appears. Make no rash movements until you have a clear picture of the situation. A new relationship is on a steady course.


A family discussion may grind to a standstill, but colleagues are supportive. Younger friends bring out your best qualities. A Scorpio or Capricorn may step into the romantic scene.

Your birthday this week

You are conservative in your approach to romance and finance. You are a trustworthy friend, often obstinate, always compassionate but frequently vague. New influences affect your philsophy during the next four months. An anticipated lifestyle may begin later than expected.


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