Enjoy moments of quiet relaxation when you can - they are becoming fewer and fewer as you enter one cycle of career/academic pressure and another of intense romantic involvement.


Your creative juices are bubbling and the week could see you complete a major project. Some friction with relatives may result from differences over how you spend funds.


Cautious optimism combines well with a financially sound plan. Everyone, everywhere see the magnetic side of your personality. Be prepared for the results.


At work or in the neighbourhood, you may be called on to serve as a creative consultant. Healthwise, everything is great but watch a tendency to go to extremes.


Reunions are accented. You may discover new life in an old friend. A business opportunity emerges, but don't play all the cards at once. In romance, make few assumptions.


ou really shine in areas of writing (fiction or non fiction) and salesmanship. Reunions are highlighted through the weekend. A possible financial setback may occur later in the week.


There may be some minor career sacrifices, but the payoff at a later time is well worth the trouble. Romance demands a more patient approach. Travel delays are punctuated through the weekend.


fe on the homefront is unexpectedly carefree. An important romantic decision may have to be made sooner than later. A career rival may surprise you with his/her cooperative spirit.


Watch a tendency to laugh off life's little problems. The key is to get to the root of any personal difficulty and promptly. Brighter financial news arrives by Friday.


The busy Capricorn finds this a quiet week, yet it's an active time. Behind the scenes happenings regarding travel or educational/careeer advancement are taking place to your advantage.


our prestige increases, along with responsibilities - especially those related to public relations. A volunteer assignment has a personal fringe benefit. A financial windfall may arrive by the end of the week.


Though you shouldn't throw caution to the winds, a more adventuresome approach may bring more satisfying romantic results. Be available to receive awaited information from a faraway place.

Your birthday this week

You are generous, sensitive and secretive - and very much a humanitarian. Travel in conjunction with education is highlighted. Your sentimental streak surfaces within the next three months. It's easy to be disillusioned, so keep expectations on a realistic level.