Your sense of loyalty wins you credit in the community. Your intuition is strong now, but avoid impulsive financial moves. In romance, a subtle approach could lead to an improved relationship.


Making the most of a dull situation could lead to a new awareness of your hidden talents. A relationship with a Sagittarius is currently highlighted. Your sense of timing is impressive.


Relationships generally improve, thanks to your positive approach. Simplification in general helps you reach a career goal on schedule. Offbeat interests are highlighted.


Be sure not to make too many commitments for what looks like an already lively social week. A surprise gift may arrive after the weekend. A friend's suggestion may merit consideration.


In current projects, be sure to balance imagination with attention to the finer points. Your partner is more trusting than usual this week. The communications network may be blocked over the weekend.


Taking the initiative may bring desired results, especially in areas of career and education. Last minute changes in plans may prove a blessing in disguise.


Some tension with older relatives may be eased, thanks to efforts of a new friend. Although your good ideas may not be accepted initially, hold on to them.


You and your partner seek similar goals though the methods may be quite opposite. A realistic approach to a financial situation may help you out of a bind.


Compliments coming your way are more sincere than you at first believed. This is generally a good week for improving your self esteem. Short distance travel is spotlighted on the weekend.


This can be a highly productive period both personally and professionally. The key is to be willing to share the limlight. Attention to detail is critical, especially at your place of work.


An overdue payment may arrive by the weekend. The time is right for expressing your feelings in a creative form. A lovesick friend may seek you out for advice.


An absentminded streak may surface this week so be sure to mark down all appointments. In romance, new tactics may bring positive results. Hobbies may include a profit making angle.

Your birthday this week

You are ever young, because you believe that life is an adventure and there are always things to be learned. You sometimes have trouble making a serious commitment - a difficulty that needs addressing if you are to make serious financial or career achievements.