You will find this a very active week, at home and at work. Be careful when choosing a confidant. Judgement may be hazy here, especially through the weekend.


Pay attention to details at the workplace and don't ignore your hunches. Healthwise, listen to messages that your body may be conveying. An overdue acknowledgement or promotion may arrive by the end of the week.


Friendship is the focus of the week. A one time admirer may contact you, while a new relationship is launched. If thinking about writing, the timing is excellent.


Your recommendations are taken seriously by employers and by relatives, but you may have difficulties conveying expectations to a good friend. Actions, however, speak louder than words.


This is the week for making goals, whether it is at the workplace or at home. Make a list, but make sure you do carry them out.


Calculated risks may pay off, but rely more on logic than intuition. Your inventive spirit soars. Brush up your skills in the areas of advertising, salesmanship and public speaking.


This week brings showers of announcements regarding celebrations, promotions and unexpected travel. The week also includes some very serious thinking about the direction your career path is taking.


You find yourself in elegant surroundings and may be rubbing shoulders with a celebrity. Travel opportunities are bright. Extra caution is required in mechanical matters.


Your abilities this week may be sharper than usual. This is a great time for developing skills in computer or other technologies. It may also be your best time to renew your commitment to your partner.


This could be the week to update your wardrobe and throw out those old out-of-date clothes. Research pays off - a trip to the library or searching the internet may bring rewards.


It is important to read all insurance and related policies from cover to cover and it's essential to ask all questions, no matter how trivial. This week you may find it easier than usual to approach senior people for advice.


A long awaited phone call or email and some overdue money may arrive by Thursday. In relationships, seek out areas of common interest. Catch up on all correspondence by the weekend.

Your birthday this week

Originality is a well known trait for you and it can give you the edge in a career or community project. The key is to keep your impulsive streak under control. Partnership activities are highlighted