Travel, advancement and a stream of surprises are indicated now. Avoid controversial topics with loved ones, unless you have all the facts - and lots of time. A VIP could step into the picture.


A romantic dilemma puzzles you around the weekend, but a solution is in reach, provided you'll try new tactics. There may be possible rivalry with an old friend earlier in the week.


Give more time now to long range financial goals. Your favourite person seems subdued around the weekend, so don't hesitate to make the first move. The middle of the week may be surprisingly social.


The weekend favours getting away from it all with the one in your life. Don't take your job for granted now, this isn't the time for coasting. Family matters demand your undivided attention this week.


A minor financial setback can strike, but major gains in other spheres are indicated through the week. Sarcastic comments on the weekend could lead to trouble.
An old admirer may get in touch.


Social evenings through the week can be unexpectedly rewarding for singles. Marrieds could find this a talkative period. Romance and friendship are favoured from Thursday on.


Let your partner have the limelight for awhile now, and content yourself playing a supporting role. Watch your words - anything you say, even in jest, can be taken seriously.


No real pattern emerges this week. Each day seems to start a new trend, but the trend seems to go nowhere. Actually, it can be a successful week, especially in finance, if you take more of the initiative.


Travel is emphasised and an unplanned detour can turn into a memorable adventure. If ever a Sagittarius has to learn to be diplomatic, this is the time. This is a week that you can come to everyone's rescue.


Friendship worries diminish before the weekend and aromantic problem peaks around Saturday - then solves itself and love is on the upswing. Moody people start cheering up, finally.


Recent financial difficulties can be resolved at the end of this week and at last you can get on with postponed engagements.
The problem now is that your work mates can be uncommonly stubborn.


Listen and reply to hidden messages concerning love, friendship and your career - they're everywhere, but you must be nearby to respond. A reunion of sorts is indicated around the weekend.

Your birthday this week

You are fairminded, optimistic and diplomatic. Charm is your middle name and you are also extremely generous, sometimes to a fault. A little more conservation, a little more patience and a major goal can be realised.


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