Enjoy quiet dinners and pleasant jaunts to romantic spots. Behind-the-scenes happenings will lead to increased status in the near future. Accent the practical in home improvement schemes.


Cash may arrive from a surprise source, but avoid making risky investments. An obstacle in your career path cannot be ignored. Travel information should be varified by someone in the know.


Saving is the current byword. With ingenuity, you can save a significant sum. A colleague or neighbour may appear aloof earlier in the week.


This week sees you participating actively in community affairs. Sales people will try to tempt you with sundry but unnecessary wares. This is a great time to catch up on miscellaneous health needs.


You can be drawn into the inner circle at work or in a community group. News from faraway is encouraging, but have all the details before drawing to conclusions or making arrangements.


The week includes a blend of intrigue, glamour and local travel. Thursday and Friday are outstanding for concluding projects. Earlier in the week emphasizes reconciliations and conferences.


Your self-confidence gets a boost when you are called on to meet an exciting challenge. Thursday and Friday the accent is on legal matters.


You may find yourself in a mood for fun, but your partner is subdued and possessive individuals try to cramp your style. Finding lost items is a current trend. Celebrations happen in pairs.


Healthwise, be sure to question instructions that are not clear. The accent is on quality over quantity, especially if shopping for antiques or hobby related items.


Relatives turn to you with their aches and pains, and patience is the keyword. Pets figure in the picture - perhaps you are asked to find them a home.


For singles, this is a great time for lighthearted romance, perhaps with an Gemini friend. Thrift should be a current byword - it's to your advantage to play the miser this week.


Small feuds can blossom into a battle of wits, so sign a peace treaty as soon as possible. Your partner may be preoccupied with a family problem. Be supportive, but don't intrude.

Your birthday this week

You have a way with words and your wit wins you admirers from all walks of life. Your year ahead finds you mingling with a more intellectual crowd. Being more outspoken and determined could lead to a career advancement.