This is a week for agreeing to disagree. Healthy debate makes it a good learning period. Health wise, attend to the littlest warnings. Friends shock you with their extravagances.


A mix of revived plans, new experiences and last minute changes makes life hectic until the weekend. This weekend will be the most relaxing for a long time.


Diversification is the theme of the week - you are involved in novel enterprises. Singles could experience a little romantic setback. Keep a low profile. If making a report, stress objectivity.


Romance can thrive - but only after all disagreements are ironed out. An older person could share some important anxieties with you.


You are jolted out of whatever rut you have been in and it's anything but a boring week. You are a little gullible now, so don't believe everything you hear, read or see.


Finances are not your forte now. Watch impulse buying and do lots of comparison shopping. Surprise correspondence could perk up your week.


News from another town, city or country sets the tone of the week. Do friends a service and play devil's advocate. Be a little less suspicious of relatives on the weekend.


 Don't search for pick-me-ups. Mood brighteners find you through the week. Think twice at least before altering plans, especially travel plans.


It's an easy week for making excuses, but with discipline it can be a productive time. Collect debts and send acknowledgements. Don't delay anyone's health appointments.


Your mood fluctuates from romance to business. The keyword should be on focus. For you it is a week of extremes. Friends too, seem to be hot and cold.


Creative projects run out of steam and it's generally a restless week. Don't force anything. Your romantic partner may see the funny side of life. A mischievous child charms you completely.


New feelings, new approaches and new faces highlight the week. This is a good week for productive outings such as real estate hunting. Career hassles may be painful earlier in the week.

Your birthday this week

You are politeness personified - even in love. Your standards are high, but you have a habit of imposing them on others. New ways to earn money present themselves. Family ties tighten -
the generation gap begins to close.