An aura of self confidence attracts the higher-ups and leads to increased responsibilities. A long term relationship should not be taken for granted. Financial reviews may dominate the weekend.


This will be a great week for friendship and romance and you may be forging a long lasting alliance. A relative is full of surprises on the weekend. A small gift may arrive by Friday.


Diversification is the key this week. This a fine time for expanding interests, notably in the areas of sports and recreation. An innovation approach pays off at work.


Perseverance pays off by the end of the week, especially in areas related to career and education. Relationships thrive on an intellectual plane. Lost items may surface on the weekend.


Money matters may brighten, despite an unexpected expense. A stubborn streak surfaces and may lead to confrontation on Thursday. A platonic friendship and academic interests are highlighted after the weekend.


Cleaning or rearranging, could lead to the discovery of old treasure. A surprise announcement and a surprise guest is spotlighted on the weekend.


New directions could lead to new accomplishments in your career or academic arena. Family reunions are highlighted through the week. Avoid a tendency to test your friends loyalties.


A last minute cancellation may prove a blessing in disguise. A refresher course may provide a boost to your career. Business ideas may benefit from a thorough discussion and reviews.


An invitation that would appeal to your ego, could have strings attached. Your romantic intuition is strong this week and you can plot your own path for a current relationship. Creativity shines all week.


Caution is the byword in business dealings, especially where untested personalities are involved. Deadlines are tight, but don't sacrifice quality. Nostalgia and romance blend well all week.


Family related expenses may decrease this week. Legal matters require prompt and careful attention. Learning new skills could lead to a career expansion. A money making idea may be too offbeat.


Career options brighten this week, but don't rush into major decisions. Health matters require a methodical review. Financial advice may be misleading, so treat any advice cautiously.

Your birthday this week

You are highly regarded for your pioneering spirit, courageous qualities, quick temper and quick wit. That wit sometimes has a sarcastic edge and can lead to difficulties in communication. Career or academic goals may be achieved ahead of schedule. Unusual travel prospects are highlighted some time this year.