Don't be overeager to say no to an offer or veto a plan. There could be some hidden benefits. Allow added time when visiting loved ones. Your counselling on an important subject could be very important.


Your advice is taken to heart, so dispense it responsibly, especially where finances and relationships are involved. Business ideas benefit from refinement. Be sure to keep relatives up to date where necessary.


If challenging a friend, or an idea, the key is to hold on to your sense of perspective. Careerwise, you get wind of a new opportunity. A travel idea may materialize.


Decisions related to domestic life should involve all concerned parties. In other areas too, a shared effort brings generally better results than a solo approach.


Your realistic approach and sense of humour may help a loved one cope with a health worry. Although intuition is strong in romance, rely also on logic and past experience.


Your workload expands but the key is not to accelerate your speed. Details are important and it may be time to recruit a helper. The domestic scene becomes brighter all the time.


Suspicions should be checked out before you make a key move at the work place. Travel accents spontaneity. Domestic responsibilities increase. An invitation may arrive unexpectedly


This week could find you in a new and unexpectedly comfortable environment. At the workplace, there is more room for negotiation than you once thought.


Your charisma is strong at the work place, but consider it a bonus only. Be sure to come equipped with hard facts. The domestic situation brightens. Financial news means you may need a thorough review.


Promoting your special talents could lead to significant strides at work. There may be more than meets the eye where a community project is concerned. The motto in romance is “handle with care”.


This week may prove favourable for implementing moneymaking ideas. A new neighbour could share a common interest that's worth exploring. An employer may be unusually demanding - you rise to the occasion.


Don't hesitate to seek out contacts as you hunt for a job, home or the like. A difficult friendship situation shows signs of improvement. If contemplating a surprise gift for a close friend - the gift could mean more than you realise.

Your birthday this week

You are a natural leader, a splendid role model and an influential and determined worker. Sometimes you are reluctant to share the limelight. Ahead accents a greater number of joint ventures than you are used to. Hard work and bright ideas begin to pay off.