Again your artful approach comes to the rescue. The weekend favours lively entertainment. Correspondence of any type requires a second reading for between-thelines information.


An opportunity opens for advancement and change. Financial gains are indicated on the weekend. Your romantic life may seem dull now, but don't try too hard. There may be an amusing mix-up Thursday - Friday.


Watch out for changing conditions and be ready to update some of your ideals and question values. A new found friend will make you cheerful and laugh a lot.


In spheres of romance and finance, change is the current pattern. This is a good sporting week  -  make a favourite spectator activity into a participant one.


Show business is part of the week's colourful scene. Homelife can be a little out of order. Watch out what you are arranging and rearranging. This is not the time to be matchmaker.


Watch out for a small financial setback, then money matters improve and you can relax. Think about a small jaunt. It could be a great week for a small holiday. Stay away from mechanical tasks.


Friendship is the week's theme. Watch that you are not shunning reality. Face facts, face yourself and you won't have to face any music. Be alert to family needs.


This is a marvellous time to develop budding relationships. Try offbeat touches - the means can be as much fun as the desired result. Procrastination is out, especially where health matters are concerned.


Your workload eases and listlessness increases correspondingly. Look quickly for a new outlet. Don't postpone family pow wows.  Thursday and Friday are intuitive days, so follow your heart.


Congratulations are in store, though not for anything in particular. As more responsibility is given to you, the key is to not loose your sense of humour. An unexpected financial gain could arrive around the weekend.


For the attached, this is a great time to get to know your mate much better. For singles, the weekend offers new opportunities for mingling. Check your memory and check your calendar.


Your ideas are good, but they can't exist in a vacuum. Share them, then watch them develop. This is not a time for hasty decisions. Old contacts may be getting in touch.

Your birthday this week

You are great at conversation and  you can put the quietest of occasions into top gear. You are always on the move and willing to try new things.


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