The week sees new harmony injected into relationships. Putting things in a proper prospective helps you achieve a goal on schedule. Competitive events prove rewarding.


Close friends are now likely of an older generation. Avoid making impulsive moves in financial matters. A friend is finally more consistent and less difficult to please.


Creativity is accented not only in artistic pursuits but in your career environment. A social gathering could introduce you to a VIP. Home improvements are favourably spotlighted.


Group ventures may prove rewarding, providing egos don't get in the way. Long-distance news may answer a key question. This is a good week for framing long term goals.


The weekend offers an opportunity for reconciliation as well as for a new friendship. Planning for holidays brings results. A young friend provides intellectual stimulation.


Relatives may be demanding of your time, but your patience is all importent. A financial bonus may arrive by the weekend. You excel in the role of teacher.


Friends may try to impose their own standards or tastes on you, testing your considerable patience. A fitness programme may be highlighted and romance is on the upswing.


Thursday - Saturday sees financial reviews and financial planning. The weekend offers an opportunity for mixing business and travel. Your home life becomes unexpectedly hectic.


This weekend offers the opportunity of going bargain hunting. Thursday - Friday may see you appointed to a prestigious position.


The weekend offers a chance to join a new social club. A friend is more down to earth and this is a good time for discussing a controversial topic with him or her.


Financial requests are made of you at the same time financial favours are returned. Watch a tendency to apologise too often. A recreational programme is highlighted this week.


Behind the scenes, someone in a high position is promoting your skills. A relative becomes more supportive of your plans. A legal negotiation requires time and consideration.

Your birthday this week

A highly magnetic personality keeps you in contact with interesting individuals. Travel to a new destination is indicated. Property negotiations are on tap. Your work for good causes may earn you applauds.