Preparing the city’s contenders

Tauranga City Council is hosting an information evening this coming Monday, February 19, to help prepare people who are interested in standing as elected members... Read More

Gen Z has entered Parliament

Generation Z is in the House. Or at least, they will be soon. October's election saw the first wave of Gen Z representatives elected to Parliament, with three... Read More

Governor-General to extend caretaker government

Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon have agreed the Governor General will be advised to extend the current caretaker government arrangements today until a new... Read More

Port Waikato by-election candidates announced

Nine candidates are standing in the Port Waikato by-election which will be held on Saturday, November 25 2023. The by-election is being held following the... Read More

Preliminary results for the 2023 General Election

The Electoral Commission has released the preliminary results for the 2023 General Election. The preliminary results are based on the 2,244,380 ordinary... Read More

Luxon: ‘You have voted for change’

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has come out at his party's election night headquarters in Auckland, saying that on current numbers 'it looks like National... Read More

Tom Rutherford wins Bay of Plenty

National's Tom Rutherford is on his way to Parliament as the Bay of Plenty's MP. With 90.8 per cent of votes for the BOP electorate counted in tonight's election,... Read More

National's Dana Kirkpatrick leads East Coast

National Party candidate Dana Kirkpatrick is leading in election race for the East Coast seat with 13,015 votes. With 77.5 per cent of the vote counted, or... Read More

Act’s Cameron Luxton to be a List MP

Cameron Luxton is heading to Parliament as a List MP on the back of ACT New Zealand's success in tonight's General Election. With 74.4 per cent of votes counted... Read More

Winston speaks, vows to ‘keep them honest’

With 56.9 per cent of votes counted nationwide, NZ First party leader Winston Peters has made a speech to supporters at the party's main function at Duke of... Read More

Waititi on way to win Waiariki

Te Pāti Māori's candidate Rawiri Waititi is currently ahead in the race to become MP for the Waiariki electorate - the Maori electorate for the Bay of Plenty... Read More

National’s Scott Simpson leads Coromandel

The National Party's candidate Scott Simpson is currently ahead in the race to become MP for the Coromandel electorate, with 43.4 per cent of votes counted... Read More