BOP Black Caps star in Windies victory

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian A dramatic finish to the Black Caps Cricket World Cup match with the West Indies on Sunday morning had Kiwi cricket fans chewing their nails as the game went down...... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1979 to May 2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little change in the overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from milder/warmer...... Read More

Talking transport

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP One of the hallmarks of a first world country is a first-rate transport system. Sadly, for some time, New Zealand has been found wanting on this score. Both our freight and passenger transport...... Read More

Long-term protection for dolphins

Tamati Coffey Labour MP With Matariki near (and baby due any day), time is flying at the moment. It seems like a year ago, I was proudly leading a protest in Tauranga, calling for the protection of Māui's Dolphin. This was...... Read More

Funding challenges for roading

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Last week, Council voted to start widening 15th Avenue, continue the upgrade of Domain Rd in Papamoa, and improvements in Arataki; all without guaranteed...... Read More

A guide to The Cricket World Cup

The Weekend Sun editor Daniel Hutchinson has stumbled across the disturbing fact that many people don’t like cricket and, to them, the Cricket World Cup is a baffling event that looks a lot like watching grass grow. But, it’s a bit like the...... Read More

Test cricket coming to the BOP

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian The news that test cricket is coming to the Bay Oval has produced a big grin on the dial of Sideline Sid, with five days of twists and turns of test cricket being...... Read More

Tauranga May Average Afternoon Temperatures 1913-2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder The average afternoon temperature in Tauranga in May 2019 was 18.7 degrees C, the fifth warmest on record. Temperatures have been recorded in the Tauranga area at several sites during the last 100...... Read More

Useless rules to be aware of

The Weekend Sun editor Daniel Hutchinson investigates an airline’s tattoo ban and other bizarre rules. Straight out of the ‘totally useless gestures’ category is Air New Zealand’s lifting of a ban on tattoos this week. If you...... Read More

Taking mental health seriously

Jan Tinetti Labour MP When I was a principal I was approached many times about becoming an MP and I have to say I resisted until a former pupil of mine took his own life. It shook me to the core and I knew then I had to do something...... Read More

Strength in work from Wellbeing Budget

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP The Wellbeing Budget 2019 takes a fresh approach to measuring economic success, as the Government seeks to improve the living standards of New Zealanders, enabling us all to live lives of purpose...... Read More

Commuter rail for Tauranga?

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about several ‘keys to gridlock.’ Commuter rail is an often-mentioned solution; however, is it viable? As...... Read More

A Good Show

Simon Bridges National Party Leader Every time I attend Fieldays in the Waikato I am amazed at the size of the event and am immensely proud to be part of the largest agricultural showcase in the Southern Hemisphere....... Read More

May Rainfalls for Tauranga 1898-2019

Weather Eye with John Maunder Rainfalls for the month of May have been recorded in Tauranga since 1898 – except for 1904, 1907, 1908, and 1909. The graph shows the range of rainfalls from an extreme high of 634 mm in 2005...... Read More

Cricket jubilation

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian The announcement that the Bay Oval will become the country’s 9th test cricket venue was greeted with jubilation by Western Bay of Plenty cricket fans, who...... Read More

Embarrassing cover shots we’d like to see

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits The botched Wellbeing Budget is infamous for many things, the most apparent being its lack of wellbeing for New Zealanders. Considering it was titled the well-being budget, it...... Read More

Why does politics have to be so nasty?

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP One of the questions I get around Tauranga is how do I cope with going from running businesses where everyone works well together, to politics, where there is lots of senseless, petty fights. Sometimes...... Read More

Delivering for Tauranga?

Todd Talks By Todd Muller The Government promised 2019 would be a year of delivery but this is yet to ring true for Tauranga. Sadly, our growing city has once again been overlooked for the much-needed investment in infrastructure...... Read More

A bunch more keys to gridlock

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris The asphalt is there 24 hours a day, but traffic isn’t. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a port congestion charge during rush hour as one way to...... Read More