Getting a free lunch

It’s a sad fact that too many jump on the bandwagon, when they do not need to. Look at the many tattoos and expensive phones. People in need - yes... Read More

Knowledge, opinions and experience

The Local Government Act requires local authorities to have processes to provide opportunities for Maori to contribute to the decision-making process and... Read More

Code of conduct

Parliament is establishing a Code of Conduct after allegations of behaviour. This is timely, as a former Local District Councillor, l experienced inappropriate... Read More

A selective media

As a concerned citizen, closely following the national and international news, I notice that there is a definite bias in media reportage no more apparent... Read More

TCC v Race Relations Commissioner

During the 1980s I was very vocal regarding rugby trips to South Africa not having Maori members, so I am not ‘racist’. The Treaty of Waitangi... Read More

Do what is needed

Having read Clayton Mitchell's piece re tackling challenges (The Weekend Sun, November 29, page 30) and highlighting the fact the roads in this region... Read More


If I am to believe TV1 News, it’s okay to sexually assault another person as long as you have had enough to drink? Or is it perhaps as long as you... Read More

Equality – it matters

To S Reid of Omokoroa (The Weekend Sun, November 29, page 49) I want to explain what the Treaty of Waitangi means to me. Having been elected to Local... Read More

Opting out

I am objecting to the new council-run waste service as a home owner and landlord. Like many other people, we manage our food waste by composting and taking... Read More

Adding up rates

In his column, Tauranga City Councillor Steve Morris (The Weekend Sun, November 22, page 22) states “Our neighbours, the Western BOP District Council,... Read More

Long-term planning vital

While the politicians’ stuff around on the future of Auckland Port, they couldn’t care less about the access problems for we people and the... Read More

Inappropriate behaviour

Parliament is establishing a ‘Code of Conduct’ after allegations of behaviour. This is timely. As a former local district councillor, l experienced... Read More

Criminals and victims

Once again there is an article in the BOP Times dated November 25, 2019, with the headline 'Murderer's release a total shock'.  This... Read More

Learning the right way

It is to be hoped that Andrew Hollis, recently elected new Tauranga City Councillor, learns that the keys to real council performance are – listen... Read More

Offended Maori or offensive Pakeha?

It does not seem to have sunk in with R.Prince (The Weekend Sun, November 22, page 33) that the Treaty of Waitangi is now New Zealand law and has been... Read More