Thanks for Poppy Day help

We would like to use your paper as a medium to express our thanks for the fine effort by all concerned with the collection for Poppy Day held 16th April... Read More

Fix something else instead

In reference to Bill Capamagian’s letter in the last issue, I agree that the Cameron Road ideological, ‘drawn out of a hat’, shovel ready... Read More

Time for a change

How typical of Simon Bridges to oppose any change for good. For instance, something like changing the name of Greerton. It is named after a Mr Greer,... Read More

Leave name as it is

Simon Bridges is correct in saying "we all know Greerton as Greerton and I doubt many, if any know the history of why it is called that". There... Read More

Government is slip sliding away

We have been informed that the upcoming budget is going to concentrate on poverty, climate and the environment. Great!  Huge sums of money will be... Read More

Ballad of the Bins

(To the tune of ‘10 green bottles’) Three new arrivals standing in a row, Three gifts from Council wanting us to know That whether we're... Read More

Marvellous monarchs

Have you ever studied a monarch chrysalis up close and noticed its exquisite gold spots? My fascination with monarchs began almost three years ago when... Read More

Cameron Road disaster?

Tauranga City has extensive billboards and other publicity saying how great the futureproofing of Cameron Road will be.  My submission to the consultation... Read More

A waste of bins

Last week we have received three bins for the rubbish disposal. A small one which is supposed to be for food scraps. This would be easily big enough for... Read More

Wasted opportunities can’t be recycled

Regarding car-worthy roads [letters page, April 23], I agree with Lee Ford. I fail to understand why TCC engineers sign-off on such poorly constructed... Read More

God of Nations

"God of Nations... in the bonds of love we meet, hear our voices we entreat... defend our free land. From dissension, envy, hate and corruption guard... Read More

Concerns over community

Joel Ngatuere, environment manager for the Whareroa Community that live by the Fertiliser Works boat ramp, in the media last week is concerned for the... Read More

Bin debacle

Recently, Tauranga City Council contractors dumped more than a tonne of plastic in my street in an attempt to manage a perceived problem with waste collection... Read More

Car-worthy roads?

Why do our cars have to be roadworthy but the roads are not car worthy? I know our roads are better than many overseas but the repairs and resealing can... Read More

Big thank you to Rangiuru Community

More than 475 names were presented to the Mayor and his Councillors on March 16 at the Maketu-Te Puke Ward Forum. The Rangiuru Community and extended... Read More