A civil society vs totalitarianism

People must be free to think, free to decide, free to access information and free to disagree. This is what civil society is. It is respect for human rights:... Read More

Museum issue about priorities

It beggars belief that council’s CEO would state that the $30 million pay-out to owners of the Pacific Apartments would not adversely affect ratepayers.... Read More

Hospital cleaners

Having just spent a few days in Tauranga Hospital, I came to appreciate how overworked not only doctors and nurses are, but cleaners as well. In fact,... Read More

Missing trust

In March 2020, the government issued reports by modelling experts. More than a year-and-a-half later, no further modelling reports have been issued on... Read More

Support small

In response to Darrell Hellier’s letter (The Weekend Sun, December 3), you sound as though you’ve been burned by some small business, and for... Read More

Black day for shopping

I’ve been reflecting on some alarming Black Friday research. Apparently, up to 30 per cent of what’s purchased on Black Friday ends up in landfill,... Read More

Thanks for the paper

Thanks to everyone from The Weekend Sun for 2021. Thanks for the free newspaper - it’s the best tabloid in New Zealand. No-one does rabbiting better... Read More

Missing trust

In March 2020 the government issued reports by modelling experts and Covid was managed, in my opinion, as it should be. Today, more than a year-and-a-half... Read More

The meaning of Christmas

Christmas is the season to open our hearts to others, It is the time to look at everyone as sisters and brothers. Old scores should be left behind, It... Read More

Passing on my thanks

I want to thank the Minister of Māori Development, Willie Jackson, for clearing up this point. During the Moriori Settlement Bill’s final reading,... Read More

Deemed savvy

Unable to vote, buy alcohol, obtain a gun licence, apply for a passport or sit for a drivers’ licence, yet as of a couple of months ago, 12 year... Read More

A disgrace to the human race

I’ve always felt sorry for people living with undesirables as neighbours, especially in this latest Kāinga Ora case in Whangārei, where the effected... Read More

National a bit of a mess

Judith Collins being dumped as National Party leader shows you where National Party’s and the mainstream media’s minds are at, thinking that... Read More

Unteach racism

Mr Meng Foon, racism exists in a society when special privilege or exclusive treatment is given to a section of the population purely because of their... Read More

Support local

I am amazed at the comments of people who say ‘support local’. Someone tell me why, when I ring, text or email small companies for quotes,... Read More