Letters to the Editor

State highways torture for too many too long

The Government has changed. The former Transport Minister took Te Puna to Ōmokoroa roading development off the 10-year plan and has lost his parliamentary seat,... Read More

A much slower game and far dangerous game

I remember watching rugby union when it was a fast-moving game with hardly any head injuries. In those days tackles were made around the ankles by one player... Read More

What a team!

To the people of the Bay of Plenty. You are very fortunate indeed to have Tauranga Hospital's exceptional staff. The skill of the staff and the excellent coordination... Read More

The real increase in rates...

Re: Tauranga City Council rates increases. The research commissioned by The Retirement Commission titled ‘Equitable Rates Relief' October 20, 2023 - see:... Read More

Thanks for the support

Ross Bourne wishes to express thanks to all those who showed love and support following the tragic death of his son Brendon Bourne on February 24. Brendon, 55,... Read More

Prompting thoughts on democracy

Re: ‘We have to speak u for democracy', letters page 28, The Weekend Sun April 12, 2024, edition. Kia ora. Ron Chamberlain's letter prompts thought. Democracy... Read More

Quality, not quantity, is what we need

Tauranga's Urban Task Force chair Scott Adams, representing property developers, supports the appointment of a Crown observer appointed to report to the Government... Read More

Wouldn’t it be wiser to let kids be kids?

Re: ‘Zebras and rainbows', letters page 28, The Weekend Sun April 12, 2024, edition. I agree with Rhonda Bennet's letter ‘Zebras and rainbows' about... Read More

Shut down Gloriavale please!

I recently watched the new documentary on Gloriavale called ‘Escaping Utopia'. My question is why are we still letting this community carry on? It should... Read More

Shall we bring in a few sheep?

The city's lawn mowing programme continues to amuse, but mostly bemuse. There's a large triangular grass traffic island bounded by Vale and Chapel streets, and... Read More

We have to speak up for democracy

We in Tauranga should now demand a referendum on current issues that we now face thanks to political interference. I and many others have no time for politics... Read More

Zebras and rainbows

It does not matter if you are pro or anti the rainbow movement, but my question is why use roading to make your argument? Councils should not be allowed to break... Read More