Helping if you can

Some time ago, the police were trying to locate anyone in the street who might have CCTV – no one could help, which led to this question: Are we... Read More

To those who complain about Covid

I was born into a world of six years of lockdown. Levels one-to-ten. Men between 17 and 65 were afflicted, but women and children too. Children were uplifted... Read More

Global warming

With global warming, we all tend to blame motor transport, heavy industry and agriculture. The one person we don’t tend to blame is ourselves. We... Read More

Covid advice

Who remembers this song from the 40s?   “You've got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on to the affirmative, Don’t... Read More


Margaret Murray-Benge is sadly mislead if she thinks that Stuart Crosby does good (The Weekend Sun, October 8). The true situation is that in July, Stuart,... Read More

Hospital admission criteria

In this Covid era, there are many stories about hospitals being overwhelmed with non-vaccinated Covid sufferers, to the detriment of non-acute admissions.  Surely... Read More

Higher vaccination

I am no doctor, just a retired person with a little common sense and a few hard lessons under the belt. The way I see it, Covid-19 is like a world-wide... Read More

Three Waters charade

It’s obvious now that the Minister of Local Government has no intention of allowing councils to opt out of her Three Waters takeover. This remarkable... Read More

Thank you Stuart Crosby

The Local Government Association is opposing the loss of the Three Waters (drinking water, stormwater, waste water) assets proposed by government. This... Read More

Waiting for MIQ

I would have hoped by now the government would understand that the only way New Zealand will be able to manage Covid-19/Delta is through vaccinating, taking... Read More

Mask exemption

[In response to The Weekend Sun page 3 story, titled ‘Call to stop mask exempt bullying’ on September 17]. I, too, am unable to wear a mask... Read More

Te reo week

It seems this last week of te reo has been enjoyed by a lot of people. So it is a shame to read and hear that in the past, the Māori language was not... Read More

Cheap as chips

Asphalt or chip seal. We had asphalt and now have chip. It is noisy, spreads across grass verges we mow with a mulching mower, goes on footpaths,... Read More

A smidge of common sense

It’s just been confirmed. One should never use the words ‘common sense’ and Tauranga City Council in the same sentence. Having not collected... Read More

In the words of MLK…

Martin Luther King once said: “Our lives begin to end the day we stay silent about things that matter.”  And what the government proposes... Read More