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Indicators that don’t indicate

Drivers who exit roundabouts and leave their ‘turning right' indicators on most probably had to re-sit their School Certificate, or equivalent examinations. C McFarlane, Papamoa East. Read More

Drawing the line at pale and male

If G Hodgson (The Weekend Sun, April 20) wishes to criticise the local council for being unoriginal, stagnant and out of touch, or ‘stale', to use their word, I have no problem. These are clearly undesirable characteristics. However, things... Read More

To tip or not to tip

Paula Bennett is advocating that we should tip the young person who comes to our table, in a restaurant, and asks, “How's yer meal?” before I've hardly picked up my knife and fork. This person has delivered our food from servery... Read More

A tenant bites back

My hearts bleeds for Tony Cranston and his 13 rental properties (page 3, The Weekend Sun, April 20). What an intolerable burden, living under a government which expects him to make his properties fit for human habitation. As a tenant, I understand it... Read More

Lest we forget them all

Each year Anzac Day rightly reminds us of the sacrifice soldiers made, and of the senseless waste of life and futility of war. Yet one must ask why there is no commemoration reminding us to weep for those who fell in the country's darkest days when... Read More

Should St John survive on charity?

Colleen Clark has given 50 years' service as a St John volunteer, and Jack Chivers gave 70 years' service and a couple of hundred thousand dollars to St John to buy equipment. He also bought a vehicle for a service club, and he was not a rich... Read More

Maori wards undermining democracy

The NZ Centre for Political Research reveals Stuart Crosby, Doug Leeder and 13 other local body politicians voted to undermine our democracy! This group, The National Council for Local Government NZ, voted for and sent the following resolution to parliament.... Read More

The power of gratitude

Seems petty, but it left an acid sensation in the back of the palate. I was walking past the entranceway to the police station garage on Willow Street when a flat deck, driven by a policeman presumably, had to stop exiting the station's underground... Read More

Buying a pig in a poke

Whoever put together the blurb ‘What kind of museum is proposed?' in the Museum Referendum Supporting Information is obviously an accomplished copy writer used to one-sided arguments, labouring under the mistaken premise that a museum would... Read More

Why vote?

Why should we bother to vote? I raise this question as we are being encouraged to vote for a new Tauranga City councillor. I believe all councillors are muzzled by the local body law which states councillors are each personally liable, financially, for... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should Tauranga City Council make The Mall along Pilot Bay one lane?


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Lest we forget, Mt Maunganui. Photo: Cherry Fowles.

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