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Buying a pig in a poke

Whoever put together the blurb ‘What kind of museum is proposed?' in the Museum Referendum Supporting Information is obviously an accomplished copy writer used to one-sided arguments, labouring under the mistaken premise that a museum would... Read More

Why vote?

Why should we bother to vote? I raise this question as we are being encouraged to vote for a new Tauranga City councillor. I believe all councillors are muzzled by the local body law which states councillors are each personally liable, financially, for... Read More

Information ‘biased and shameful’

Having received my by-election voting and referendum papers, I am disappointed and somewhat alarmed that a four-page blurb on 'Supporting Information' for the museum has been included with the package. The proposed museum has been a bone of... Read More

Living wage for TCC staff

Re ‘Living wage employers scarce in Tauranga' (page 18, the Weekend Sun, April 18). As a ratepayer I am concerned that we should get the best value for our money, but that does not extend to exploitation of people working for the Tauranga... Read More

Keeping our feet on the ground

While Mark Wassung's ideas are great (page 9, The Weekend Sun, April 13) they are not based on common sense and practicability. Local roads are drastically overloaded already. Mark's plan would see the whole district clogged unless... Read More

‘Pale, male and stale’

Mark Wassung's scheme for a transport hub (page 9, The Weekend Sun, April 16) caught my interest. This scheme proposed by a candidate for a Tauranga City Council seat has merit. It comprehensively addresses the problem of our non-integrated and... Read More

Museum concerns

Some people in the community are advocating for a new museum for Tauranga. As a descendant of an 1840 settler I have always had an interest in local Tauranga history, however I have concerns. Concern that 30 per cent of government funding is dependent... Read More

Are young people prepared to pay?

While I agree with your article ‘Young people push for museum' (page 17, The Weekend Sun, April 13) can I also ask if these same young people have given any thought, or been advised, as to just where the money comes from? As ratepayers with... Read More

Guarantor for council credit card

I have been reading through the local candidates' profiles for the election of a new councillor at large. Again, there are lots of councillors stating vague intentions if they are elected. For example, using words and phrases without any qualitative... Read More

Weary of the museum spin

Am I the only ratepayer getting very weary of the spin surrounding the proposed museum? We hear pretty words such as ‘there is no cultural incentive for people to return to Tauranga', that the museum will ‘tell our story' etc. So... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should Tauranga City Council make The Mall along Pilot Bay one lane?


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Jack-o-lantern in the sunrise. Halloween’s come early this year! Photo: Nicholle Roberson.

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