We need achievers

Regarding Auntie Rogers’ viewpoint of Susan Devoy, on page 2 last week as being bossy. The description of being bossy often has to do with whether... Read More

Climate change

M Maunders (The Weekend Sun, May 3) is out of touch with reality. The biggest threat to the world is climate change. Tauranga people use their cars and... Read More


Feedback for Western Bay of Plenty District Council. I am a responsible citizen of Tauranga City and recycle paper, cardboard, tins, plastic containers... Read More

Car train theory flawed

Ken Evans eulogises his “car-trains” in his letter (The Weekend Sun, May 17). However, accepting the convenience of door-to-door car transport... Read More

Waste free living

Whilst completely agreeing with Norm Mayo’s concerns about rates affordability, I would argue that penny-pinching on waste management is the worst... Read More

Frustration beyond belief

Driving congestion in beautiful Western Bay is awful and government has got to make decisions. Katikati needs a bypass as the congestion in the town is... Read More

Decriminalisation is the answer

Oh man, here we go again. I wasn’t going to write another letter but I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA. Why on Earth do we want to legalise... Read More

Where’s the paper bags?

I find it interesting that the government is suggesting we dispose of using plastic bags. Great idea. Now you go to any store and ask for a pack of paper... Read More

Clip on lane

The question posed by Roerlof Kopman (The Weekend Sun, May 17) as to why the Wairoa Bridge (and others) haven't been widened in the past is obvious,... Read More

Maungatapu bridge call

Why does Greg Brownless call for NZTA to widen the Maungatapu bridge (after yet another fatal accident)? Is this an attempt to gain votes for the upcoming... Read More

We’re not cheap labour

My wife tells me often that I am trying to be the ‘volunteer of the year’, as I belong to a raft of good causes. However volunteers must not... Read More

Cars are trains too

Can you see the trains in Tauranga? I raise this question because some people want trains for public transport when they are already here. For instance,... Read More

Attributes of a council

The proven competencies I am looking for in candidates for mayoral as well as council seats are: 1.  Knowledge: Community and ratepayer concerns,... Read More

Food for thought

The letter to The Weekend Sun from Christina Humphreys was brilliant, it touched on many of the issues that affect our long-suffering public, as the highest... Read More

Change the system

Susan Devoy attracted headlines in the daily media when she announced she intended running for the mayoralty. No doubt she has the answers to all Tauranga... Read More