Letters to the Editor

White elephant anyone?

After reading the two-page spread in The Weekend Sun from Tauranga City Council I am of the impression that said council think that by giving an area a long Maori... Read More

Our time has come!

This week we experienced the pleasure of driving on the new Transmission Gully expressway into Wellington. It was brilliant. The expressway is transport planning... Read More

Choose a simpler life – or prepare for strife!

We all used to live on a revolving paradise But because of human greed and thoughtlessness Mother Earth now doesn't look so nice The Earth's population must... Read More

Strictly a caretaker role

Now we have a new government, it is untenable to have our Tauranga community still governed by Nana Mahuta appointees. During their period out of control squandering... Read More

Cricket nails it

We might have spent Waitangi Day at the cricket, but we didn't lose sight of the significance of the day. We weren't allowed to. And we were grateful for it. The... Read More

Olympic-sized pool should be in new aquatic centre

Re: Letter titled ‘This is fiscal madness...' published in The Weekend Sun, January 26, 2024, edition. After reading this Letter to the Editor about Memorial... Read More

An issue that’s gone quiet....

Re: Letter titled ‘Have some humanity for our senior people!' published in The Weekend Sun, January 26, 2024, edition. The recent letter concerning retirement... Read More

Falls walkway a wonderful development

The Tauranga City Coucil, Ngāti Hangarau and Tourism Bay of Plenty are to be congratulated for the wonderful development of the Omanawa Falls Walkway. The... Read More

Have some humanity for our senior people!

I will not live in a retirement home, but I will invest on them to get seven per cent interest. One couple told me recently that they have been in a retirement home... Read More

This is fiscal madness...

Re: The proposed Memorial Park Aquatic Centre. The recent media reports about Tauranga city Council's Commissioners' inane decision to approve $153m upgrades for... Read More

An enormous burden on the healthcare sector

Re: News article in The Weekend Sun, titled ‘Stick to the limit, stay alive', page 9, Friday, January 12, 2024. Although each and every motor vehicle accident... Read More

Immense gratitude to our health services

In the last two months of 2023 I had to call St John's ambulance for my husband six times. Although concerned for him, I had immediate and complete confidence in... Read More