Happy pigs

The function of TV in New Zealand seems to be to broadcast half-truths and even lies. I was amazed at the claim that farmers lose too many piglets (money)... Read More

Cannabis law has failed

In reply to M Murray-Benge, and B Porter (June 27), it is startling to read the paranoia from both writers. Porter claims that the black market will undercut... Read More

Stop wasting money

Recently you published a ‘Straight from City Council’ article (June 12, although the article actually reads that low TCC residential rates... Read More

We need a leader

Our government has shown once again how incompetent they are with the latest border control fiasco. We in New Zealand have put in tremendous effort and... Read More

Retain ownership

The oil and gas inside New Zealand’s boundaries, and undisturbed, belongs to all New Zealanders through the NZ Government. So far, in most cases,... Read More

Saying no to cannabis

Take Care of our children and the country will take care of itself. Take Care of our children and we will empty our prisons. Take Care of our children... Read More

Legalisation causes problems

I do not support (D Carey Weekend Sun, June 19) the view that legalising cannabis, will to, quote: “create a legal and verifiable marketplace, and... Read More

Leave access alone

I notice with dismay the council now wants to bollard Kulim Park so access by car to the grass will be blocked. No more parking on the grass and enjoying... Read More

Times are changing

Debate is healthy, but B. Capamagian (The Weekend Sun, June 19) and I will simply have to agree to differ. Times have changed. The world has moved on.... Read More

Jimmy is a good cook

“You are a great Cook Jimmy” Said Mrs Capt Cook in awe Speaking to the great navigator, her husband, Who she very seldom saw. “Where... Read More

New road pays its way

Western Bay of Plenty District Council's engineering consultants have investigated building the Katikati Bypass as a local road. This road would follow... Read More

Money doesn’t guarantee results

It looks as if Elizabeth Street is high on council’s priority list. The one thing we don’t need is for the work to join the growing list of... Read More

Flawed Cannabis Scheme

Two prime arguments used for cannabis legalisation are fundamentally flawed. Firstly, proponents want to deter the criminal element, but what will the... Read More

Removing the black market

It's somewhat alarming to read the thoughts of anti-cannabis campaigners as they don't take into consideration any of the restrictions of the proposed... Read More

Legal Cannabis can benefit NZ

To borrow S Paterson’s line. Anyone thinking of voting ‘no’ to legalising recreational cannabis should look at the data. Being from... Read More