Refreshing take on unity

It was so refreshing to read Lana Te Wiata Wright’s letter of February 5 (The Weekend Sun, pg 27). She calmly and simply dismissed the “separatist... Read More

Modern-day democracy and Maori wards

Henry Philips (The Weekend Sun, February 12, pg 26) misunderstands modern democracy when he describes Nanaia Mahuta as undemocratic. Modern democracies... Read More

Opposing separatism

‘A house united is strong, but a house divided will fall.’ I raise this issue because the letter of L Te Waiti Wright (The Weekend Sun, February... Read More

Political integrity

The public is sceptical of politicians’ promises and not without due cause, but here the latest move by the Government to pass with urgency a bill... Read More

The ‘tie debacle’

I’m glad to see common sense prevailed in Parliament and tie wearing is now ‘optional’. The ‘tie’ is only a cloth ornament... Read More

Thanks to our cops

As we live more or less comfortably in our homes at night, it’s time to spare a thought for our police who do everything to keep us safe. Why we... Read More

Covid alternative medicine

I was just over the range with a group of Aucklanders when news broke of this Covid-19 outbreak. Straightaway they were trying to gather as much info as... Read More

Trash talk on recycling

With regard to F. Lukich’s comments on recycling (The Weekend Sun, February 12), I totally agree that we should be making more of an effort to cut... Read More

Please return pram

As a Weekend Sun deliverer, I’m asking the person or persons who stole my all-terrain pram and suitcase from the corner of 8th Avenue and Edgecumbe... Read More

All about participation

To N Harris who hasn't met anyone who supports council-led kerbside recycling, I'm a supporter. It's about participation and doing something... Read More

It’s unity, not separatism

The suggestion by Lana Wright [The Weekend Sun letter, February 5] that Maori Wards are separatist seems to be a misuse of the English language. Dame... Read More

Be thankful for The Treaty

A new curriculum about New Zealand history is to be introduced to our schools. May the whole truth be told. Yes the land wars really were terrible, equally... Read More

Bill is undemocratic

Nanaia Mahuta, as a minister of the Crown, has sworn to represent all of the people of New Zealand. She has also taken an oath to Queen and country to... Read More

Doing our bit for the environment

While watching David Attenborough on television discuss the devastating effects humans have on climate change I reflected on how we can do our bit for... Read More

Not feeling good

Jacinda Ardern has a great saying “feel good’’. Well I don’t feel good about her Government rushing through a law change which... Read More