Councillors must reflect public opinion

Thank you The Weekend Sun for publishing letters to the editor. A free press is so important in these volatile times. I’ve never known a time when... Read More

Full of Joy and caring

The team at Tauranga Hospital have been looking after my wife for five weeks with great care and attention. When the discharge team provided support to... Read More

Don’t yell – email your MP!

I am appalled to hear from our hospital administrative staff about the daily verbal abuse they suffer at the hands (and mouths) of the disgruntled public.... Read More

Links Ave fiasco solution

Re: ‘The Great Race, The Weekend Sun, June 17). With this fiasco of Links Ave being closed off – this problem is easily solved by two flashing... Read More

Judging people’s beliefs should be avoided

In New Zealand, we need to get along with other people. In the past homosexuals were imprisoned. In 1986 a law change opposed by a petition with signatures... Read More

No need to slow down these days…

I am now retired but still driving regularly. I relate back to when I had a bad run in the 1990s, when I was out and about on various council projects.... Read More

Disappointed in three Waters view

Re: ‘Fresh blood joins the Mayoralty race’, page 4, The Weekend Sun, May 27. We are disappointed that Western BOP district councillor James... Read More

Response raises additional questions

Re: TCC Commission Chair Anne Tolley’s response to W Sedcole’s letter ‘Villages sell-off just outrageous’ (The Weekend Sun’,... Read More

Great result from public appeal

Thank you to The Weekend Sun from Papamoa Lions especially for your support, guidance and work with the article in the newspaper for the Lions Ukraine... Read More

Great support under bird club’s wings

To The Weekend Sun team. I write on behalf of the Tauranga Bird Club to offer my sincere thanks for your excellent coverage of our annual Bird Show. Small,... Read More

An insult to our intelligence

Re: ‘Getting real about Three Waters’ Labour List MP Angie Warren-Clark’s column (The Weekend Sun, May 20). Angie Warren-Clark’s... Read More

Time to send them a message!

With the early voting for the Tauranga By-election having commenced last weekend, I urge all Tauranga residents to send a very clear message to the current... Read More

What more evidence do you need?

Do the people of New Zealand like me think it is time to stand up and say enough of this ‘cogovernance and partnership’ lie being used by the... Read More

Local govt democracy – where do candidates stand?

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A house could be built in a week…

I have been thinking about house construction methods and economy lately and I concluded that we are behind the times comparative to other industries.... Read More