Euthanasia advocate explains new law

A dedicated 0800 number is being set up in Tauranga to assist euthanasia patients. The End of Life Choice Act 2019 is due to come into force on Sunday,... Read More

Quick action from parents saves 20 year old’s life

A 20-year-old is not usually someone you would associate with a cardiac arrest. A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time without... Read More

Losing yourself to kidney disease

“It’s like being on a roller coaster. You want to get off but you can’t. It’s just a horrible ride. You’re living your... Read More

Local support for breast cancer sufferers

Around 3500 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand each year. Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga works to honour these people and... Read More

The difference between life and death in 1, 2, 3

Three steps can make the difference between life and death for someone in cardiac arrest.    That’s the message... Read More

Chiefs launch wellbeing partnership

The Chiefs Rugby Club is launching a new wellbeing programme partnership. Softwire's TeamHealthChk Active Engagement Programme is now a key component... Read More

Covid-19: 41 new cases, over 69,000 vaccinations

There are 41 new community cases today and two new cases in managed isolation.  So far during Super Saturday 69.582 doses of vaccine have been... Read More

GPs put in mahi to make Super Saturday a success

The Bay’s General Practice teams are pulling out all the stops to get behind Super Saturday with huge efforts behind the scenes to make it a success.   “This... Read More

Covid update here and around the globe

Thousands of New Zealanders are expected to roll up their sleeves for Super Saturday. Today is the nationwide drive to raise Covid-19 vaccination rates... Read More

OPINION: What’s the point of exercising at my age?

Following my last column, debunking the myth that ‘skinny is healthy’, in this month’s column I want to explore the myth that you don’t... Read More

Tauranga woman’s “baby” to kickstart the heart

Tauranga’s Tina Neville was left relieved after lifeguards and doctors saved the life of a friend who suffered a “massive heart attack”... Read More

Countdown limits ibuprofen sales

Countdown supermarkets will limit the sale of ibuprofen and items containing ibuprofen to one pack per customer, following similar limitations on the... Read More

Assisted dying law change welcome

The Government have announced the final details of how euthanasia will work in New Zealand when it becomes legal on November 7. The law change was spurred... Read More

Busy month for Tauranga‘s rescue chopper

Twelve inter-hospital transfers, five medicals, six rescues and three motor vehicle accidents have kept the TECT Rescue Helicopter crew busy. The crew... Read More

Traditional healing‘s positive impact on health

Traditional Māori healing, known as rongoā Māori, can have a big impact on improving the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders, says Rotorua-based... Read More