Swim Reaper betters water safety

  A new water safety campaign is making people think twice about their attitudes and behaviour around water.   New research by Water Safety New Zealand shows the Swim Reaper campaign has had a significant impact. It’s designed to...... Read More

Rethinking the role of mangroves

An upcoming seminar is set to rethink the important role mangroves play in helping to fight the impacts of climate change, sea-level rise and coastal inundation. Dr Erik Horstman from the University of Waikato's Coastal Marine Group will lead the...... Read More

Seal spotted on Takitimu Drive

How did the seal safely cross the road? Because many people stopped to let it waddle by. Regular commuters of Takitimu Drive may have spotted a fur seal trying to cross the road, near the new walking bridge this afternoon. A SunLive reader says several...... Read More

Oil spill clean-up yields 25 bags

Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff have completed their clean-up of the shoreline at Matapihi, following yesterday’s oil spill. Bay of Plenty Regional Council Regulatory Compliance Manager Stephen Mellor says staff worked quickly last night...... Read More

Little helpers with a big mission

Tots and toddlers from Mount First Steps are doing their bit to help make a difference for Bay of Plenty oceans. A total of 13 little helpers aged between three and four years old, and their teachers, hit Mount  shorelines on Friday armed with...... Read More

Health warning lifted for Lake Rotoehu

The health warning issued in November 2017 for Lake Rotoehu has now been lifted by the Medical Officer of Health. Results of water testing by Bay of Plenty Regional Council confirm that the algal bloom has subsided in the lake. Despite the lifting...... Read More

Unusual wash up topic of talk in the Mount

Another bizarre wash up at Mount Maunganui beach is the topic of talk amongst many nearby residents. A Mount Maunganui resident who only wants to be known as Christina, says she found the item on the beach and posted a picture of it to Facebook in...... Read More

Winter brings perfect beach weather

Although most people don’t think of winter as beach weather, that’s when Coast Care along and their army of keen locals, schools kids and care groups head down to give our dunes some TLC. In just over 20 years Coast Care and its volunteers...... Read More

Seal spotted on Takitimu Drive

A large seal has been spotted on a Tauranga highway this morning. A Tauranga resident who only wants to be known as Callum, saw the seal on Takitimu Drive at 2am. He wants to warn people in case it is still around. Callum says it was where traffic...... Read More

Help the mission to help the seamen

They are the guardian angels of all merchant sailors on the high seas. They are the Mission to Seafarers – a Christian charity serving the world’s 1.5 million-plus merchant sailors manning about 52,000 vessels trading internationally. And...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should schools be able to fine parents for parking illegally?

Yes, schools should have the right to fine those putting children in danger.
No, it should be left for police to handle.