Positivity runs front of pack

Mount Runners and Walker’s Group look at the positive with the creation of their May Beginners running course, in light of having to cancel their annual half-marathon event. Photo: Supplied.

Mount Maunganui Runners and Walkers Group will not let uneven ground put a hitch in their strides.

For the past 35 years, Mount Runners and Walkers Group has held their annual half-marathon event at the Mount, being a tradition on the Queen’s Birthday weekend each year.

Entering what would’ve been an amazing 36th year of this event, the group has made the tough decision to cancel it due to concerns in an uncertain Covid climate and doubling costs.

However, the group are focusing on the positive – saying a sad goodbye to the half-marathon and hello to a new club endeavour.

Fresh beginnings

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the group will kick off a beginners’ course for those wanting to be a ‘fitspiration’. Course newcomers can expect to be trained by the experienced leaders of the group and set off on the right track along their running journey.

“[The course] is a good way for people who have never really got into running, to come along and to learn how to run…if you haven’t actually learnt how to run properly, the key is to start off slowly. So that’s what it’s about,” says group president Julia Doake.

The beginners’ course will go for 10 weeks and at the end of it, new running prodigies can look forward to running up the Mount as a ‘graduation’.

Fitness friends

What better way to gain new pals while you’re legs turn to jelly and you gasp for breath – in a good way of course?

Whether you’re new to the city, or are just keen to give running a go with mutual motivation, Mount Runners and Walker’s Club is a great way to connect in the community, says Julia.

“They’ve [new members] come along and within one day they’re like: ‘Yes! I want to join!’ and that just makes my heart sing as president because we’re trying our best to make people feel welcomed and it’s a great way to make new friends.”

As an event that cost “thousands”, the Mount Runners and Walkers would like to thank all the local businesses and organisations that did help to support their half marathon in the past.

For now, it’s a step towards change. The beginners’ course will be on the group’s usual Tuesday and Friday 9.15am meet-ups when it launches in May. For more information, phone 0212567538 or visit:  https://mtrunnersandwalkers.co.nz


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