Omokoroa ‘shovel ready’ project awarded $14m

Today's funding announcement will go towards the $28m roading and water package of projects out at Omokoroa.

A $28 million package of ‘shovel ready’ roading and water projects in Omokoroa will soon get underway after receiving a $14 million grant from the government today.

Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced the infrastructure grant which will go towards the $28m roading and water package of projects out at Omokoroa.

The funding has been allocated as part Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s application to the $3 billion Crown Infrastructure Partners fund.

It will support residential, industrial and commercial development in Omokoroa and will create 150 new jobs in the process.

Western Bay Mayor Garry Webber says this is a significant infrastructure grant and highlights Council’s ability to work with central government on initiatives at a local level.

Council submitted sixteen applications totalling $515m to central government’s infrastructure fund, for ‘shovel ready’ projects that can start within six months.

“We have put forward credible projects for central government economic stimulus funding and this is testament to meet the criteria.

“It is also a reflection of the sound planning work we have done over recent years and reflects the spatial planning that will support all the land use development in Omokoroa in the years to come.”

The sites which the grant will enable to get underway in the next six months are; Prole Road Urbanisation, Western Avenue Urbanisation, new industrial land access road, Omokoroa Road Urbanisation Stage 1 and Omokoroa Urbanisation Stage 2.

Council estimates by 2060 the Omokoroa Peninsula will be fully developed and home to an estimated 12,000 residents.

“This funding has the potential to be transformational for the Omokoroa area and ensure that all current and future residents have a great quality of life."

Twyford says this is a "significant infrastructure package" which will help create about 150 new jobs and help transform the Western Bay of Plenty Peninsula.

“The roading and water infrastructure planned for Omokoroa will enable the town to grow from 4000 residents to 12,000 and bring much needed housing to the region.

“It will help Omokoroa become the second largest town in the Western Bay of Plenty.

“Shovel ready infrastructure projects such as these will accelerate our economic recovery. This project will create around 150 new jobs, address local housing and transport issues and benefit the wider community."

The infrastructure package will support residential, industrial and commercial development in Omokoroa.

“The planned new developments include a town centre, public facilities such as parks and reserves, a park and ride, a secondary school, a community pool and a Western Bay of Plenty Council service centre.

"The urbanisation work includes footpath/cycleway facilities, new bus stops and shelters, intersection upgrades, roundabout installations, service relocations, water main installation and upgrades to street lighting and storm water pipes."

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9 years of National = Nothing

Posted on 06-08-2020 08:31 | By 2up

Good on Labour for stumping up the money and getting this and SH2 started. Even with Simon Bridges our local MP, National had 9 years to start SH2 and did nothing.

vote me,,,vote me

Posted on 05-08-2020 18:11 | By hapukafin

The present government stopped plans for work on SH2 when they took over now its election time money is available for new work.Good timing for buying votes.

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