Salvage attempt on stranded boat

Preparations are being made to haul the boat off the bank. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Regional council contractors are going to making an attempt to haul a stranded boat off the sand bar opposite The Strand this morning.

The attempt is timed for this morning’s high tide about 9.30am.

They are hoping the king tides associated with Wednesday night’s supermoon will give them the needed boost to clear the concrete-hulled boat from the sand bar.

The converted fishing boat was blown onto the sand bank following the storm on January 5.

“Because the vessel has a 2m draft we need a king tide to float it,” says regional harbourmaster Peter Buell.

If the boat fails to move at the height of the tide, they may have another go tomorrow. Once refloated the boat will be taken out of water and disposed of as a wreck.

The distinctive looking boat was at the Tauranga Bridge Marina for several years before being sold and moved to Omokoroa. It changed hands again and partly because of its low freeboard, had to be pumped out while under tow to its new location on the Town Reach.

The converted fishing boat was on a mooring and broke free during the storm in the first week of the New Year. It was part of the boat that failed, not the mooring, says Peter.

“The bow of the boat was damaged during the storm and subsequently the remaining sharp edge severed the mooring line connecting it to the mooring,” says Peter. “The wind then pushed it up onto the shore.”

The decision to dispose of the boat was made following consultation with the owner.

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Pumping out is fine....

Posted on 02-02-2018 16:05 | By GreertonBoy

But better would be to put tyre tubes tied together inside so if the pump cant keep up, the tubes wont let it tip over. We rescued a friends houseboat when one side pontoon was damaged.... we kept it afloat with half a dozen tyre tubes and 2 air beds inside the damaged pontoon. It stayed afloat like this for 3 months until it could get dry docked. I hope the attempt is a total success and look forward to good news. Best of luck to the owners.

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