Youths arrested for stealing three cars

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Seven youths were arrested after fleeing police in three stolen cars from Rotorua to Tauranga.

At around 5.30am today an off-duty officer spotted three cars driving dangerously on Pukuatua Street, Rotorua.
The officer notified staff on shift and police soon located the three cars on State Highway Five, Fairy Springs Road, heading north. 
"It was established that the vehicles had been stolen from a car rental place nearby," says a police spokesperson.
"A number of Police units began following the car.
"The driver of one car turned the vehicle around in Mamaku and it was spiked near the Ngongotaha roundabout a short time later."

"Three youths, aged 14-16, were arrested.

"At the same time, the two other stolen vehicles were being driven north on State Highway 28.
"One of the drivers hit a curb and blew the front tyre near Tapapa and Police arrested two more youths, aged 16 and 17."
Police units continued to follow the remaining vehicle onto State Highway 29 towards Tauranga.
The driver crashed into a ditch in Lower Kaimai and two more youths, aged 16 and 17 were arrested. 
"The youths involved in this offending not only put themselves at risk but also, police staff and innocent members of our community.
"Rotorua Police are taking this offending very seriously and are making further enquiries into what has occurred, including investigating the theft of the vehicles."
The youths will face a range of driving and burglary-related charges.


Shows what we think of justice

Posted on 28-01-2018 16:35 | By Johnney

With the comments so far no wonder kids think its a joke to steal cars and give the cops the one finger salute.


Posted on 28-01-2018 08:33 | By dumbkof2

more wet paper bag punishment coming up time the judicary started getting tough on these poor deprived delinquents and their parents

Wet Bus Tickets

Posted on 27-01-2018 22:10 | By maildrop

I feel a family conference coming on. Lots of shaking heads and a sorry sir or two. A bit of finger wagging perhaps. Then off you go my boy. Repeat.

NICE to know that they have been caught ..............

Posted on 27-01-2018 20:36 | By The Caveman

WELL DONE COPPERS, HOWEVER the courts will hit them with a WET buss ticket - BAY SUN, make sure that you follow this up and give us the outcome - PLEASE............

get the wet

Posted on 27-01-2018 18:25 | By devo

bus ticket out ,cause as always fall will be done.

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