NZ Independent Coalition launched

About 50 people gathered at Omanu Surf Club to celebrate the launch of the NZ Independent Coalition Party overnight.

Party leader Brendan Horan says the party is the “newest political movement” for “ordinary New Zealanders like you and me”.

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SunLive caught up with Michael O’Neill, Pat Spellman and Brendan Horan at last night’s launch.

During his speech last night, Brendan spoke about the party’s policies which included education, health and a plan to look after seniors.

“NZ Independent Coalition’s plan to save the seniors is to boost pensions to a fair wage, show we value our seniors and get our seniors involved in the community by utilising their skills.” Brendan also discussed affordable and accessible tertiary education.

“The NZ Independent Coalition’s plan provides pathways to prosperity for our young by isolating skills and competencies and directing our children to ongoing and continuous education in those defined areas.

“When major bills are in parliament, NZ Independent Coalition MPs will go to their areas and state whether they believe a bill is good or bad for their area, why that is, and which way they are inclined to vote – and then invite the electorate to go to our site, register and vote.”

The party’s list MPs were also announced last night.

They are as follows:

Joanne Rye McGregor – List

Michael O’Neil – Tauranga

Pat Spellman – Waiariki

Brendan Horan – Bay of Plenty

Trish Davies – List, Wellington

Wal Gordon – List, Wellington

Karl Barkley – Balclutha/Southland

Rick Pollock – List


We just don't need........

Posted on 30-07-2014 18:55 | By groutby

another "spoiling" party in the mix really. I guess he will take a handful of votes off Winston but can’t expect any self respecting serious voter to swing over.!..bye bye Brendan.


Posted on 30-07-2014 16:45 | By Sambo Returns

this must be the second best partnership (political), this year, and who is "piggy in the middle"

people power

Posted on 30-07-2014 15:44 | By Me again

that must be you and me By The Sage. Don’t like the look of them others, any of them!!

A Crowd of 50

Posted on 30-07-2014 11:02 | By The Sage

They will need more pulling power than that to get votes.

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