Toxic mould closes down school’s building

Tahatai Coast School principal Mat Skilton. Unacceptable level of black mould has forced the evacuation of the school’s administration building.

The Principal of Tahatai Coast School in Papamoa has been in an urgent talks with Ministry of Education officials, after an unacceptable level of mould was discovered in the administration block.

The block has been vacated and relocated to the school library.

Principal Matt Skilton says they’re working with the Ministry to determine whether remedial work can be done on the building or whether it needs to be demolished for a rebuild.

“We have had some concerns for a while, there was some remedial work done for black mould in 2008.

“The history for this building is a long one, and it’s a shame that we are now in 2019 when we are finally dealing with it properly.

“We want people in a safe environment.”

Matt says some staff have been affected by it, had health issues and he was one of them.

“Lung infections, irritable coughs, flu like symptoms, poor sleep were some of the issues,” says Matt.

 “The Ministry’s project management team have been very supportive.

“The main issue for us is the disruption to the school and for how long. Sometimes these processes can be really drawn out.

“This school has gone through a history of leaky building and has gone through a lot, so we want a new era without these problems.”

Matt has written to parents saying moving the administration function to the library is over concerns about air quality in the building.

“The library is located next to the admin block and will operate as the school reception until further notice,” says Matt.

“The library resources are going to be relocated to provide continued access to books for our students.

“We are also going to be setting up a new and exciting mobile system aimed at providing easier access to books in classrooms.

“The reason for having to vacate the admin block is due to unacceptable levels of mould being detected throughout the administration building.

“As safety is our primary concern we have vacated the entire building until this can be remedied.

“Students and their learning remain the priority and will be unaffected.”

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Posted on 13-02-2019 08:14 | By Told you

What I don’t understand is why the original builders of this school were not taken to task over these leaky buildings, also how come our council building inspectors didn’t pick up on work that was substandard,just not good enough all round.

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