Smit Borneo lifting begins

Container removal operations from the Rena using the barge Smit Borneo are underway.

It began operation this afternoon, lifting six containers at once, with Maritime New Zealand’s salvage unit manager Arthur Jobard saying it took most of Thursday securing the barge alongside Rena.

The Smit Borneo is capable of lifting several containers at a time. In its first lift it raised six from the deck of Rena. Photo: MNZ.

The salvors are continuing to use the Sea Tow 60 barge – except its function is now to act as a shuttle barge to transfer offloaded containers back to port.

Salvors are also staying onboard the Smit Borneo, which eliminates the need to travel to and from shore.

It has an accommodation capacity of 152.

Salvors have been working to install patches in corridors under the deck of Rena to help seal off damaged areas and increase the vessel’s buoyancy.

“The purpose of these patches is to create a series of watertight air pockets under the main deck, which will enhance the vessel’s ability to stay afloat.”

Arthur says three large steel patches, fabricated in Tauranga by salvors and each weighing about 700kg, have been welded in position under the deck on the port side of Rena.

Prior to the start of the Smit Borneo’s container lifting, there were 1115 containers still onboard Rena.

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Posted on 10-12-2011 17:16 | By sojourner

Wow! Go Smit Borneo; fantastic!


Posted on 10-12-2011 16:15 | By DRONE

They carefully said that "MOST" was removed and of course when you are talking about what was the best part of 2,000 ton of Fuel and diesel onboard then ’some’ maybe a hundred tonne or so drifting around, who would really know on that one. At the end of the day here that means that as the Rena is pounded by the sea and gradually breaks up that oil will escape from time to time, , it is how it is.


Posted on 10-12-2011 13:16 | By booya

have they actually got the all the oil off? There is a lot of fresh oil on the beach down papamoa this morning and I mean fresh, not uncovered. If there is oil still on the vessel, very well but please dont bullsh*t us if it isnt!


Posted on 10-12-2011 11:34 | By YOGI

Makes a difference, but the telling blow is the right people with the right gear, sometime MNZ have as yet failed to realise, see review and report on MNZ noted above.

more power

Posted on 09-12-2011 22:48 | By Capt_Kaveman

now we may see a faster process and guess these one were empty lets hope the weather doesn’t finish it 1st


Posted on 09-12-2011 19:56 | By PLONKER

So MNZ advised all that only 3 contaners a day could be removed, this little effort is more like it and of course at that rate it will be weeks not years to clean up the mess, good stuff.

Posted on 09-12-2011 19:08 | By Booostn

That is awesum.lets pray for fine weather and the ship will be empty in no time


Posted on 09-12-2011 16:43 | By schmoo

anyone know what the helicopter takes out? i see it flying there everyday

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