Enquiries continue after crash takes out poles

Video and Photos by Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

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Enquiries are still ongoing after a driver fled the scene after crashing into a power pole on Wednesday night.

Power went out to 27 properties in the area, after 11 concrete power poles snapped.

“It also put the train signals into safety mode, turning everything on red,” says police officer Chris Hill.

“We are talking most probably, a good five or 600 meters of Truman Lane where concrete power poles were snapped off and were lying in the middle of the road.”

Chris says the suspected driver was possibly picked up by a vehicle not far from the crash location before anybody arrived.

“The vehicle registration is a difficult one to track down as initial enquires suggest the owner sold the car on Facebook and the ownership hasn’t been changed over, but that has yet to be confirmed.

“Ownership, unfortunately, people if they do sell a car take it for granted that the new owner will do something about it, when there is a two party parcel to that.”

Chris continued to say that if the driver did sustain any injuries, they weren’t major ones.

“The impact on the vehicle was primarily on the passenger’s side so although it rolled and ended on its roof, there didn’t appear to be any blood or anything at the scene.”


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