Overnight spike in petrol price

Steady rises in prices have been reported at stations around the city. File photo.

An overnight spike in petrol prices has been spied by commuters, after what is reported to be a gradual rise all week.

Gull stations in Bethlehem and Hewletts roads have each seen similarities in price changes.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says he has seen prices rising since Tuesday afternoon.

“Gull on Hewlett's Road was offering regular 91 for $1.90 per litre on Tuesday, yesterday it was $1.92 and this morning when I passed the station it had risen again to $1.95.”

Bethlehem Gull has also seen a rise with one commuter reporting a rise of five cents in regular 91 being offered at $1.92 yesterday afternoon and rising to $1.97 per litre this morning.

Another caller also states the price of regular 91 at his local Caltex station has risen from $1.99 per litre to $2.05 per litre as of this morning.

Gull New Zealand general manager Dave Bodger says he hopes these prices will not rise.

“We always try to keep our prices as low as possible but unfortunately, we've put our prices up in the last couple days and we hope to keep this to a minimum,” he says.

“Trends on fuel come down to two major factors, foreign exchange, which has been trickling down since the election, and oil price, which has been trickling up four three or so months.”

He says in comparison to fuel prices in Wellington which are currently sitting at $2.14 per litre and about $1.90 for diesel, competitor prices in the Bay of Plenty helps keep Gull petrol prices relatively low.


And also

Posted on 30-11-2017 19:02 | By Merlin

When the Government is looking into the rises from an inquiry the price seems to go up and then drop when the pressure comes on.The previous government launched an inquiry why the margins had doubled which is still to be reported.The current government has asked for urgency for the report.There has been so many wet bus tickets on these inquiries over the years I just wonder about all this if it is only to be seen to be doing something.We need a result.

And yet...

Posted on 30-11-2017 15:40 | By penguin

...the barrel price of oil has dropped for a change.

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