New TEL speed limit starts next month

The Tauranga Eastern Link will be 110km/h as of December 11.

New 110km/h speed limits will come into effect from December 11 for the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road.

The Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway will also be 110km/h as of next month.

The changes follow an extensive consultation process in which the NZ Transport Agency received almost 11,500 submissions from the public and stakeholders.

The formal process to change the speed limit is now underway, and the new limits will be in place by Monday December 11. 

NZ Transport Agency Director of Safety and Environment Harry Wilson says these two roads have been selected for the new limit because they are two of the safest roads in New Zealand, with safety features such as median-barriers, no crossing roads, no tight curves and two lanes in each direction, which significantly reduces the risk of serious collisions occurring. 

“Both the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway have been designed and will be maintained and operated to the necessary standards to safely support 110km/h travel speeds. 

“The Transport Agency, on behalf of the Government, is committed to making New Zealand roads safer and reducing the number of people seriously injured and killed in crashes.

"The increasing number of deaths on our roads is unacceptable, and the speed limit will only be increased on our very safest and most well-designed roads which can support higher travel speeds without compromising safety.  

"We are working to create a safe transport system which is more forgiving of human error, and for some roads this will likely result in current speed limits being reduced to improve safety," says Harry. 

“Any additional roads being considered for the 110km/h speed limit will require full technical reviews of the safety aspects of the road and public consultation.

"This enables communities and stakeholders to contribute to decisions that will help make travelling by road safer, more predictable and therefore more efficient. Speed limits can also be lowered on roads using the same process.”

Harry says large signs will be installed on the two sections of the Tauranga Eastern Link and the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway where the 110km/h speed limits are being introduced in order to ensure that drivers know when they need to slow down when the speed limit returns to 100km/h. 

“It's important that people remember that all speed limits are the maximum speed for safe travel in ideal conditions – they are not the minimum, and they are not a target. 

"It's important that drivers adjust their travelling speeds depending on the weather conditions, traffic volumes and other factors. At many times on many roads the safe speed for travel will be lower than the posted limit.” 

On the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road the 110km/h speed limit section is between the Paengaroa roundabout and the Domain Road interchange, and on the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway the 110km/h speed limit section is between the Cambridge Southern and Tamahere interchanges. 


TG Toll Rd speed increase

Posted on 25-11-2017 17:41 | By ianhnz

Its just all wrong.2017 already has a great road toll than last year and they say, the greater the speed.I also hear they talking about 110 on our part of the TEL, Baypark to Domain.We live a couple of hundred meters from the road and it can get pretty loud.Not so long ago there was a serious crash on this road.

There will

Posted on 24-11-2017 18:53 | By R1Squid

need to be serious re-education representatives on hand at all times to assist motorists with negotiating the 6Km (or so) between Bay Park and the Domain Road Interchange east and west so that they won't run up huge $ in speeding fines. Just a joke. It is never going to happen and the rednecks will continue to drive at upwards of 120 Km/h following on the bumper of the vehicle in front. Heaven help the law abiding.


Posted on 24-11-2017 18:10 | By Capt_Kaveman

yeah but quite a number still managed to hit the fence, maybe going faster they may stay awake

Increased safety?

Posted on 24-11-2017 12:17 | By sh2 commuter

Hopefully nobody will be doing 110km/hr in the fast lane of the wrong carriageway - unlike the bus in the photo.


Posted on 24-11-2017 11:59 | By dumbkof2

i dont understand this. in one breath they tell us to keep our speed down and in the next breath they are putting the speed up.. might as well make it an open limit as %80 of motorists will be doing 130 to 140. please make it no tollerence

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