English criticises Govt in Tauranga trip

Bill English during his visit to Tauranga.

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Speaking to more than 200 people at the Tauranga Yacht Club, Opposition Leader Bill English talked about what he thought the current government is doing wrong.

He began by saying he thought he was the only politician in New Zealand to hold his present position twice.

“Therefore I'm the only one qualified to tell you the Leader of the Opposition office looks different to 15 years ago,” he said during his visit in Tauranga yesterday.

Former Prime Ministers Walter Nash and Robert Muldoon both served two stints as Leader of the Opposition – although neither of them were 15 years apart.

Bill went on to say the National Party did ‘pretty well' in the last election.

“Not well enough, but pretty well, particularly after three terms.”

He also discussed how in 1999 and 2008, most voters agreed there was a mood for change, but that the ‘middle ground' did not vote for change in 2017.

“You find the new government is now implementing a range of policies some people wanted, but, broadly, not many people wanted.”

Bill went on to criticise the government's $1 billion regional development fund.

“I can tell you is going to waste the time of your local council for years.

“It is a bit pathetic actually to see the sheer enjoyment of government ministers sitting there with their billion dollar bag of lollies, watching everybody line up and waiting to be Father Christmas handing it out.

“What we need in Tauranga is to continue with the roading programme Simon Bridges outlined.”

He concluded by saying he is proud of National having left government with a ‘sense of confidence'.

“Of course, we will be listening to the public. If you lose, you‘ve lost. But it does feel a lot better than 1999, or how the Labour Party must have felt in 2008.”


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Posted on 24-11-2017 07:56 | By Christine1965

Business confidence down....equates to less business, less jobs, more minimum wage with less chance of promotion, less international support and interest. And so it starts..the slippery slope

Grow up and stop whining!

Posted on 24-11-2017 00:32 | By Jane Harmer

National lost because of an apparent indifference to problems like child poverty (and abuse), homelessness, educational failures, increasing crime, especially the P epidemic, a true scourge, and the rising cost of living - 12.5% in ONE YEAR from National's own figures - did your salary go up by 12.5%? I don't think so.) It's the easiest thing in the world to slag someone off for not doing what YOU want, you pathetic egoist, you. Let's give this coalition government, which won democratically, a chance to show what they can do. It's called fair play. Demeaning others does nothing to endear others to you, so grow up and stop whining.


Posted on 23-11-2017 15:55 | By old trucker

how many people new that English was in town ,it looks to be invite only, Simple did nothing for us when in ,and now saying we should get on with roading programme,what a lot of whoe,this was all said 20yrs ago about roading and still nothing,did they not buy all that land to build a freeway to kati kati to bypass tepuna,or am i dreaming ,im sure they did,anyway another story, we will never win,NZTA do not care,Thanyou Sunlive,10-4 out.phew.


Posted on 23-11-2017 15:29 | By Merlin

Only a few weeks in and the opposition are casting doom and gloom without any substance just pure rhetoric.Anyway I expect Bill will be replaced before the next election as the party will not wan't to risk three in a row with Bill.Just to soon to see how they are going.


Posted on 23-11-2017 13:38 | By Told you

It would be good if people gave the newly elected MMP party a little time to settle in and adjust to being in power, Im sure they will do alright by NZ and dont need this constant negative criticism from National. May I suggest they (the NATS ) pull their heads in.

Have to wonder..

Posted on 23-11-2017 10:48 | By Christine1965

who is footing the bill for all these multi million dollar policies Labour is introducing....or is the money being taken out of other budgets? Be good if the taxpayers were told! All a bit of a shambles really, and losing credibility around the world. Going to be a long expensive 3 years.....

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