Green Party public meeting in Tauranga

Green Party candidate for Tauranga Emma-Leigh Hodge will be joining leader James Shaw and other MPs at a public meeting tonight.

Green Party leader James Shaw will be joined by fellow caucus members, as well as local candidate Emma-Leigh Hodge, at a public meeting in Matua tonight.

Emma-Leigh, who is standing in Tauranga, says the party’s campaign is on track both locally and nationally.

“We’re big on the ground campaign, and the Green Party as a whole had a big weekend of action – more than 10,000 door knocks across the country,” she says.

“We surpassed our local targets, which is very cool. We got washed out on Saturday, so we did some phone calls instead.”

She says the response has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ when talking to people, with water quality coming up a lot in conversations.

“Our message resonates with many people. We also need to have an aspirational government, which includes ending poverty in this country – another of our election priorities.”

Several people have already indicated they’ll be attending the meeting tonight, which is at 6.30pm in Matua Hall. Greens leader James Shaw will be there, along with fellow MPs Marama Davidson, Barry Coates, and Steffan Browning – all introduced by Emma-Leigh.

“All of them will be talking about Green party policies and how they link into local issues,” she says.

“Marama will be talking about housing, for instance, while Steffan has been doing a lot of work around methyl bromide at our port.”

Afterwards, there will be a question and answer session for the public to put their views to the politicians.

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This party

Posted on 04-09-2017 21:02 | By Capt_Kaveman

Has no idea what they fighting for

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