Aspiring MP takes on Maori Party

Aspiring Bay of Plenty MP Louis Te Kani is preparing to take on the Maori Party and he believes he can win.

The 46 year old Tauranga born lawyer is taking over from veteran politician Mita Ririnui as Labour’s candidate in the Waiariki electorate.

See video interview below with Louis Te Kani, who is taking on Waiariki’s incumbent MP Te Ururoa Flavell at the general election on November 26.

He is preparing for an election battle against the Maori Party’s Te Ururoa Flavell, who has enjoyed popular support in the electorate since he won the seat in 2005.  

The Maori Party experienced a surge in support when it was formed in the wake of Labour’s controversial 2004 foreshore and seabed legislation.

But the party’s recent debacle involving Hone Harawira and its support for the government’s new Marine and Coastal Area Bill will sway Maori voters back to Labour, according to Louis.

“Hone Harawira has a personality and charisma that endears him to a number of Maori Party supporters.

“A number of them now feel disenfranchised.

“I accept there are a large number of people who have moved away from Labour.

“Te Ururoa has done some things for Waiariki, but he has not delivered on a number of promises.”

Louis has been a lawyer for 11 years, working from Rotorua where his practice is based.

“I love the law. It just seems a natural progression from practising the law to the other end of the spectrum where you are making it.”

Louis says one of his main aims, if elected, is to change the Maori focus from grievance to a “developmental mode”.

He has mainly practised as a criminal lawyer, but has also worked with native land issues and was appointed to the bar as a youth advocate.


one people

Posted on 04-03-2011 22:25 | By Mr bay

is it not time we looked to the future and became one nation and moved on from the moari/caucasian,

Labour had their chance(s)

Posted on 03-03-2011 23:53 | By SpeakUp

..and they blew them. And anyway, does it really matter, Labour - National? There is simply too much government, too much regulation, too much expenditure on bureaucracy, in other words: too much money taken out of the hands of producers who would reinvest it in new ventures. Instead it is neutralized via distribution to social agenda and wasted on interest payments feeding banksters.

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