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Smoke-screening from Trustpower

Trustpower is engaging in a little smoke-screening. If we say yes to TECT we potentially lose $29,000 over the next 55 years. Could it be true? I am 72 years old and am not going to make another 55 years! Younger people are much more mobile, changing... Read More

A community asset, not a customer asset

The recent announcement from TECT appears to have caused loss in value of its share investment in Trustpower. For obvious reasons, the announcement (not yet confirmed) has sent shudders through the share market as the price/share plummets. Perhaps the... Read More

Like, you know

I have to agree with Jim Bunny's editorial (The Weekend Sun, February 9) re use of the word ‘like'. Every fourth or fifth word is ‘like'. Even some well-known New Zealanders use it far too often in sentences. I have caught... Read More

Not so wild about dogs

That the notion of kids reading to a dog at the Papamoa Library (‘Kids get wild about reading', page 7, The Weekend Sun, January 26) was not challenged seems to have taken political correctness to a new level. What about the library users... Read More

Panepane Point ‘natural justice’

I am New Zealand-born 100 per cent Pakeha. I have lived 62 of my 63 years in Mount Maunganui. My opinion on the proposed vesting of 200ha Panepane Point of Matakana Island back into Maori ownership is 100 per cent supportive. I see the return of this... Read More

Cheque proposal not in best interest

The proposed plan by TECT to cease giving annual cheques to Trustpower's eligible customers and change its status to a charitable trust is not in the best interest for Trustpower, its shareholders, customers and the people within the Tauranga district. While... Read More

Self-interest from Trustpower?

I commend TECT trustees on their courage to address a structure that has worked well for 25 years, but may not be appropriate in future. Quickly improving electricity storage technology and the rapidly declining cost of renewable energy suggests the sector... Read More

Congratutulatons to TECT

The TECT trustees should be congratulated on their proposal to future-proof the assets of the trust from the inevitable changes that await our energy sector in the future. The proposal brings certainty to the considerable asset base that has been built... Read More

TECT trustees tinkering

TECT consumers rightly questioning the wind-up proposal floated by TECT trustees need only go to the TECT website where they will find spelt out in plain English under ‘Overview' what TECT trustees obligations are to consumers, namely: ‘TECT's... Read More

Proposal ‘ticks all the boxes’

I congratulate the trustees of TECT on a very elegant solution to the long-standing difficulty surrounding the distribution of the dividend income from their Trustpower investment. It has always seemed a poor use of money that could dramatically impact... Read More

Opinion Poll

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