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Candidates cause concern

Two candidates for the 2018 Tauranga City by-election give rise to concern. Mr Tony Christiansen is the ex-councillor who was notorious for his frequent absences at council meetings as he conducted his private business and sporting interests during his... Read More

Petrol tax double whammy

The 11.5 cent petrol tax increase (twice as much in Auckland) will have a double whammy effect by also raising the price of food and most other goods as freight companies and shops seek to recover their additional costs. That will immediately wipe out... Read More

Good for business

Are we about to have another war? Previous wars have been started by lies. North Vietnam fired upon an American warship in the Gulf of Tonkin – no proof, we all bought it – hence the Vietnam War that killed and destroyed the lives of millions... Read More

Support for library

There is the Tauranga City Library, Papamoa Library, Greerton Library and Mount Library. I would like to see a Welcome Bay Library. Welcome Bay needs to be included. I support building a Welcome Bay Library.   R Curtis, Hamilton. Read More

Traffic cuckooland

Welcome Bay traffic and associated issues need urgent attention. It is generally accepted that the Welcome Bay underpass and works that have already taken well over four years and counting would have been done by most other developed countries in a timeframe... Read More

Growth hasn’t even started

Tauranga is missing key facilities and infrastructure – no surprise given the lack of vision, and thus long-term planning, attributable to past elected representatives and administrators. Sadly, the same criticism can also be levelled at the Western... Read More

TCC’s $27m gift

Why do TCC staff and consultants think ratepayers should gift $27m to property investors? In the current Long Term Plan TCC staff and consultants recommend the sale of 246 council homes for $23m – less than half their $50m+ value. They recommend... Read More

Money trees rare

Escalating expenditure and thus property taxes are just the tip of the iceberg so let's address what we are seeing now. Councillors act like Santa Claus and send out questions such as ‘What would you like your city to have?' Translation... Read More

Why is council paying?

If the reporting on The Lakes housing episode is true, the inspectors, their superiors and the CEO must go as they are not qualified to do the job. If they are not in the wrong why are they paying accommodation for the owners? The council are not do-gooders. P... Read More

Form your own opinions

Re ‘Science not politics' (The Weekend Sun, April 6). The Hon Clayton Mitchell is a very well-educated, respected and clever man and I take issue with the writer trying to infer that he isn't. I was idly Googling sulfural fluoride the... Read More

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Waterworld. Photo: Ron Webber.

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