How to beat the cost of living

I read with a chuckle here and there at all the advice and tips being dished by out by different media – newspapers on the online – on how... Read More

The ruination of Omokoroa

Re: ‘New housing in Omokoroa Horizon’ news article in The Weekend Sun, June 23. I note with dismay the plans for the ruination of Omokoroa. It... Read More

One to Mother Earth

Our Earthly Mother is beginning to smother, Her skin is being stripped at an alarming rate. And with Heavily polluted skies there can be only one fate, Government... Read More

More than just Links Ave

The Council is conducting a trial closure of Links Ave as it perceives there is a safety risk arising from through traffic. There are other streets in... Read More

Another statutory holiday…

A good measure of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s view of New Zealand’s economic decline is the point that she awarded New Zealanders another... Read More

Do we need compulsory voting in NZ?

Looking at the turnout for the Tauranga By-election makes me pretty despondent. Only 40.6 per cent of the 51,510 people enrolled prior to Election Day... Read More

Three Waters – the real arguments!

Re:  ‘Ratepayers’ pockets are not bottomless’ (The Weekend Sun, June 10). I’ve noted Labour list MP Angie Warren Clark’s... Read More

Confused about separatism?

Re: ‘What more evidence do you need?’, by Helen Weston of Katikati, published June 10 under the ‘Letters tab’ on Helen... Read More

Councillors must reflect public opinion

Thank you The Weekend Sun for publishing letters to the editor. A free press is so important in these volatile times. I’ve never known a time when... Read More

Full of Joy and caring

The team at Tauranga Hospital have been looking after my wife for five weeks with great care and attention. When the discharge team provided support to... Read More

Don’t yell – email your MP!

I am appalled to hear from our hospital administrative staff about the daily verbal abuse they suffer at the hands (and mouths) of the disgruntled public.... Read More

Links Ave fiasco solution

Re: ‘The Great Race, The Weekend Sun, June 17). With this fiasco of Links Ave being closed off – this problem is easily solved by two flashing... Read More

Judging people’s beliefs should be avoided

In New Zealand, we need to get along with other people. In the past homosexuals were imprisoned. In 1986 a law change opposed by a petition with signatures... Read More

No need to slow down these days…

I am now retired but still driving regularly. I relate back to when I had a bad run in the 1990s, when I was out and about on various council projects.... Read More

Disappointed in three Waters view

Re: ‘Fresh blood joins the Mayoralty race’, page 4, The Weekend Sun, May 27. We are disappointed that Western BOP district councillor James... Read More