The tyranny of distance

At Level 2 it is disconcerting to find that some restaurants in the Tauranga area are not taking the distancing of tables seriously. I know from personal... Read More

Drawing a line in the sand

The amount of resources and organisations tied up as a result of our alcohol and drug abuse is ridiculous and this includes the cost of the inhumanity... Read More

The road to China

Your correspondent S McLean is absolutely right when he says our governments need to keep a close eye on China. Even though foreign journalists are mainly... Read More


Council staff are recommending the appointment of a ‘review and observer team’ to monitor interactions and performance of the council. If... Read More

Rabbit on

To Roger Rabbits I did miss you Your Friday morning humour Weekend Sun, page two I always have a laugh at the words you jot down one would say tongue... Read More

Marine research centre

I fully support M Murray-Benge’s letter (The Weekend Sun, August 14, page 34). Part of the Sulphur Point was designated as a Marine and Leisure... Read More

They have a right to be there

In his letter (The Weekend Sun, August 14, page 35) A Smith takes me to task for doing what everyone else does, namely calling a group of people ‘Palestinians’. Hard... Read More

Is Tauranga City insolvent?

If you knew anything about TCC you would already know anyway. Mayor Tenby Powell stated it regardless so hence the desire to hike rates which then allows... Read More

Double standards

There is a horrific misinterpretation of reality in New Zealand. Here we have a man arrested and charged with making claims about the efficacy of a product... Read More

We need to change

I write to place importance on cycling, walking and use of public use of transport in our city, otherwise it is likely we will be driving boats, not our... Read More

Worse than before

Well 15th Ave appears to be almost finished, the road works signs and a few cone stragglers are still there but all the workers are gone. So what did... Read More

Some clarity about the law

A letter was published last week by C and F Beckermann (The Weekend Sun, August 14, page 35) which The Weekend Sun feels, in hindsight, could have used... Read More

A second thankyou

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter written by R Morse (The Weekend Sun, July 31) which was a thank you to the Tauranga Hospital for the great service... Read More

Centre to be of benefit

How fortunate the Bay of Plenty is to have Waikato University and a German university working together here in Tauranga to enable young people to do research... Read More

History in context

I strongly disagree with P Holden on the subjects of Hong Kong and Israel. Hong Kong Island was a British colony. Only the New Territories were leasehold.... Read More