A hit of nostalgia - coming soon

November has clearly been set aside as Nostalgia Month. At least that's how it seemed when two bundles of promotional leaflets dropped across the lawn of the Watusi Country Club on the same afternoon, both offering trips back into a past I was... Read More

More music all the time

Tauranga is growing like Topsy – just look at the number of upcoming concerts in this sleepy ol' town. I guess you could regard it as a build-up to the Arts Festival, which kicks off on October 19 and runs for 10 days with a veritable... Read More

Gigs, small and (very) big

I've been seeing TV ads for Roger Waters' upcoming New Zealand shows: they look spectacular. And so you would expect. After all, this is the man responsible for the third biggest-grossing concert tour of all time. And the figures are truly... Read More

Films and filmmaking

It's all go at the moment. So much so that I nearly forgot the International Film Festival. The festival has been running for just over a week at the Rialto and has been extended this year, offering three and a half weeks of tasty cinematic treats... Read More

Another venue to consider

A couple of months back I was looking at venues in Tauranga. Of course I was complaining. Or at least pointing out that there possibly aren't as many options as a city this size with an ever-increasing population needs. That's not to say... Read More

Age shouldn't be a brake on creativity

Is it ageist to be impressed by something an ‘older' person has done? I'm not really sure. (Apologies up front to anyone who was hoping for a definitive answer.) A few weeks ago I mentioned it was bugging me when people show surprise... Read More

Plans for next weekend?

Let me tell you my plans for next weekend. As it happens, I'm off to Wellington for four days, and looking forward to it immensely since ‘Wellington On a Plate' is happening along with all sorts of exciting things. However... as always... Read More

The legendary Roy Phillips

They say it's never a good idea to meet your heroes. And they're usually right.I've met a few of mine, some through music writing, some just by coincidence, and it's always a bit of a lottery. There've been good ones –... Read More

August – everyone's coming to town

Perhaps it's the chill of winter attracting people, but a lot of out-of-town acts are heading this way at the start of August. There is, as they say, something for everyone, and I'll start with bits that have caught my eye before focusing... Read More

Prepare to be amazed

I've been doing this for a year or three now and there's one thing I hear more than anything else.It's a phrase that crops up with absolute regularity, and I still don't know how to feel about it. “It's amazing how... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should assisted-suicide be allowed in cases where people are terminally ill?


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Walk around the Mount. Photos: Denis Player.

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