Bureaucracy stomps on concert

I hate to waste people’s time, but that’s what I did with part of last week’s column.It turns out that one of the gigs I wrote about has been cancelled. The latest concert in Rosie’s avocado shed in Te Puna on February 8 is off.Illness?...... Read More

Coming into a very folky week

Last week was all about upcoming gigs, and this week is more of the same.Once again I’m looking at a few smaller things happening. There are more than a few big events about to arrive, but I figure they can look after themselves. Last week it was...... Read More

Plucking lonely Heartstrings

Everything’s coming thick and fast on the music scene right now – from festivals to open mic nights, it’s happening in Tauranga. And it’s going to continue for a while. Amazingly enough, after all these years, the Bay has finally...... Read More

Living in films of futures’ past

Welcome to 2018! Hope y’all made it through the celebrations in one piece. And, I guess I should say: “Welcome to the future, sorry it’s not a bit more futuristic”. This comes up every so often at the Watusi Country Club around...... Read More

New Year's resolutions

A mere couple of days and we’ll be saying goodbye to 2017. I assume you have resolutions prepared.To ease us into the New Year I’ve asked a few prominent local folk from various areas of the music scene here to offer their resolutions for...... Read More

More than three good things

They say good things come in threes.  I don’t know why.It’s just as likely that bad, or even indifferent things would come in threes, unless it’s a throwback to the times when everything referred to the Holy Trinity. If that seems...... Read More

Christmas presents - it's getting harder

Ten more day to go. Ten shopping days. I know I’m screwed. It just seems to sneak up doesn’t it? One minute there’s snow on the Desert Road, the next they’re playing ‘Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ in Pak‘nSave....... Read More

The sound of infinity’s music

Pat’s back. A bit greyer and balder, but happy, chatty and with a new album. The Pat I’m talking about is Pat Hura. He’s definitely back because I ran into him at a party. And that’s where he pressed a CD into my hand called Infinity. I...... Read More

Come up to the L.A.B.

Every so often, a wunderkind guitarist comes along in Tauranga. You know the type – early teens, prodigiously talented, better than anyone else at school by leaps and bounds. Of course it’s not always guitarists. If you think keyboards the...... Read More

Concerts, reviews and apologies

I forget – frequently - and once again I’ve forgotten to mention a gig.I should really have done it last week while I was writing about the jazz show at The Hotel Armitage this Sunday, but I forgot. And, of course, the gig is tonight (November...... Read More

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