A new album from Shirley Ryder

Prolific local singer Shirley Ryder has been at it again: she has a new album and it is ready for release during NZ Music Month. This will be her fifth... Read More

Missing jazz? Wait till Matariki!

OK! Orange is here and with it music and we are absolutely indubitably rolling again. Some starts immediately, some will arrive after a predictable... Read More

Living in a divided land

We live in a divided country; it’s sad to see and I don’t know what can be done to solve the problem. I’m not talking about Covid... Read More

NZ too quiet? Go to Europe

Welcome to another week of things not quite happening. It is, as pretty much everyone I run into says, a bit weird at the moment. Not that I’m... Read More

It was 60 years ago today…

All of us have wished, sometime, for a time machine. It would come in handy for many a situation: the brief instant you realise you have just fallen... Read More

Happy birthday Mr O’Brien

Let’s start this week with some birthday wishes. It happens that one of the Bay’s more famous residents, the very fabulous Richard O’Brien,... Read More

New music: David Long and Frank Turner

Is it too early to get nostalgic for CDs? I must confess to being slightly baffled by still-flourishing vinyl revival. What is it people hear in vinyl? “The... Read More

Shooting depth of feeling

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” That’s something Australian photographer Peter Adams said; and... Read More

Feeling isolated? Try a music film

We’re thinking of changing the name of The Watusi Country Club to Fortress Watusi. It does feel that way at times. Since last week’s column... Read More

A quick live music update…

Last week I included a quick glance at shows cancelled, postponed or confirmed; this week it’s all about that. Two of the uncertain upcoming shows... Read More

Farewell to a Kiwi jazz great

Although it wasn’t widely reported, certainly not as widely as it should have been, two weeks ago we lost one of the greats from New Zealand’s... Read More

A Phase Two column…at last!

Yay! Phase Two! Things are moving at last...I know it’s strange to welcome an outbreak of disease, but if something is inevitably going to happen... Read More

Keep calm and carry on

Looks like I jumped the gun last week; next week it might the shark, but last week it was the gun. Omicron has not hit. Yet. Many things I predicted... Read More

The year of the cancellation

  Here’s Johnny! We’ve had plain Covid, Delta and now it’s time for Omicron. Since December we've been holding our metaphorical... Read More

Avocados, bypasses, Sir Dave and a dog

Let’s start in un-bypassed and unlikely-to-ever-be-bypassed Katikati. People must be getting sick of this. Katikati is a beautiful town. Some... Read More