Tauranga traffic: 15th Ave on council’s radar

15th Ave as seen coming up from Turret Road. Image: Google Maps.

Tauranga City Council is reaching out to the community for potential ideas on the city’s transport system.

With the city continuing to grow, 15th Ave, Turret Road and Welcome Bay Road are being identified as key routes in linking communities.

These roads also provide an alternative to the state highways across and around the harbour.

Tauranga City Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency have embarked on a project to help plan for the future of this vital route.

Council acknowledges there are challenges for people travelling in this area, and has received valuable feedback from the community over the years.

This information will be used in the development of options and then seeking funding to deliver these improvements.

“While we have extensive information already, we want to make sure we’ve heard all potential ideas,” says transport director Brendan Bisley.

“We will be asking the public to tell us what they think through an online survey and by meeting with a range of representative and stakeholder groups. 

“Council is keen to hear from the community about issues and opportunities within their neighbourhoods, and not just the road corridors and directly related transport issues.

“Taking a neighbourhood approach to planning for the future of our roads is important. Whilst we might not be able to fix all of the issues within the constraints of this particular project, we can seek alternative ways or other funding sources.

“Ultimately, this provides better outcomes for our communities and creates linkages between this project and other projects and activities.”

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency system design regional manager Jess Andrew says for Tauranga to thrive, people need to be able to move around easily and have a range of choices about how they get to work, connect with family and friends and access services. 

“We need to build a modern transport system with a mix of reliable transport options that help keep people and products moving safely.”

This project is part of the Western Bay Transport System programme and an important next step to support growth in the Te Papa peninsula and improve public transport reliability for people travelling from Welcome Bay.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana strategy and science general manager Namouta Poutasi says as a mode of travel that makes best use of available road space, public transport is critical for providing access to economic, educational and social opportunities.

“Therefore, public transport will contribute to a thriving region and Bay of Plenty Regional Council is committed to delivering this vision for our communities,” says Namouta.  

“These are challenges that have been decades in the making and they will take some time to fix – but we are committed to working together in order to achieve the environmentally sustainable solutions we need for our communities today, and in the future.”

Bisley says a priority is to reduce the need for people to use single occupancy vehicles and make it easier and safer to walk, cycle and travel by bus.

“The Urban Form and Transport Initiative gave the Western Bay partners a vision, the Western Bay of Plenty Transport System Plan has given us the 10 to 30-year programme, and it’s really pleasing to see these planning steps get underway so we can start to deliver improvements that people are wanting to see across our networks,” says Bisley.

Once the business case is completed at the end of 2022, it will be used to help seek funding from central Government, and, if successful, council can progress with detailed design, in close collaboration with mana whenua, partners, stakeholders and the community.

For more information about this project, or to take part in our survey, contact us at: 
Fifteenth Avenue to Welcome Bay – www.tauranga.govt.nz/welcomebay.

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4 lanes

Posted on 02-07-2022 13:05 | By TheCameltoeKid

15th Ave snd Turret Road needs to be 4 laned all the way snd another bridge. It just goes to show the the recent improvements were actually impediments and a total waste of money. But what’s the bet that these clowns will make the extra lane a bus lane for all the empty busses.

Obvious solution

Posted on 01-07-2022 17:28 | By CliftonGuy

My first reaction is "Why bother giving my feedback - TCC ignores all input from the residents". My second reaction is: The solution is as clear as the nose on your face. The Turret Road bridge has to be doubled up. Once this is done, the roads leading up to it need to follow suit. This has been said in the past and ignored. Maybe the TCC might consider it now. I have already seen plans for this widening on the TCC website, but maybe it has been taken down? Just get on and do it. Procrastination rules with the TCC.

Why more room for cars?

Posted on 01-07-2022 12:07 | By uli

With this idea: ’Bisley says a priority is to reduce the need for people to use single occupancy vehicles and make it easier and safer to walk, cycle and travel by bus." I wonder if we need room for cars at all. Obviously none of those Councillors or Commissioners uses this stretch of road.


Posted on 01-07-2022 11:16 | By Yadick

Problem solved. So logical but outside of TCC thinking capacity.

15th Ave

Posted on 01-07-2022 10:33 | By FRANKS

So 2 lanes into 1 solved nothing. It needs to be 2 lane right through from the Roundabout to Cameron Road and the other way as well.

Not a Clue!

Posted on 01-07-2022 10:15 | By Wigan

Yet another classic example of how this council/commission has NO IDEA what they are doing & how to manage the growth of this city. They have only just finished wasting $millions fixing nothing on 15th Ave

You're kidding

Posted on 01-07-2022 08:21 | By gincat

TCC want more feed back.??? If the bureaucrats can not see the problem and solution they should tender their resignation, complete incompetence. About 10 years ago, Simon Bridge’s splashed his face in BOPTIMES pledging a solution for Hairini bridge. Still waiting Simon!!!!! TCC you have a choke point, sort it!

Bus Service

Posted on 01-07-2022 08:07 | By R1Squid

What Bus Service? I have heard that it is not fit for purpose in Tauranga. When a bus is 10 minutes late to its first stop, and only runs hourly, it takes away peoples options therefore they are more inclined to use their private vehicle.

Get the very basic things right first

Posted on 01-07-2022 07:47 | By Womby

A) Get the bus system fixed, most females try it and give up quickly after being hassled by losers, give us a smoke, some money, etc, f you you’re a stuck up b….. I don’t know how to fix this, but I’ve ridden nice busses elsewhere here in nz and overseas with no trouble makers on board. Maybe a loaded card system only may be the answer. Tauranga in winter is not really an appealing bike city, wet and windy, but the bike lane both sides of the narrow roads around here have eliminated the option of an extra flow lane in the morning and evening rush hour. And finally the city has been allowed to become highly populated without the old roads being updated and suitable for the increase in traffic.


Posted on 01-07-2022 07:14 | By The Professor

Sounds to me like this route will become worse for car drivers!! I guess we will lose road space to buses with zero to one Iverson on them and to a few cyclists. TCC are involved so you can bet they will make things worse for the majority!!

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