Safety during duck shooting season

Photo: NZ Police.

Game bird hunting season is starting tomorrow and Police would like to remind people to stay safe and ensure their firearms are in good working order.

“We urge anyone heading out shooting to remind themselves of the seven rules of firearm safety,” says Superintendent Mike McIlraith, Director Partnerships: Arms Safety and Control.

“It pays to take the time to ensure you have updated yourself on safe hunting practices and that all your gear is in good, safe working condition.

“As many of the season’s shooting accidents happen on opening weekend, a safe and sensible attitude on the day can ensure a successful season for all and puts you in the best position to hunt safely and have a good time when you’re out.”

Anybody handling a firearm should always treat it as loaded; that means always pointing the firearm in a safe direction and keeping your finger outside the trigger guard.  

When your firearm is not in use, Police would encourage hunters to unload the firearm and insert a chamber flag into the breech. 

More hunting safety information can be found on the Police website and also on the Mountain Safety Council website (link is external). Hunters of all levels of experience are encouraged to look at this material.

Seven basic firearms safety rules:
1.    Treat every firearm as loaded
2.    Always point firearms in a safe direction
3.    Load a firearm only when ready to fire
4.    Identify your target beyond all doubt
5.    Check your firing zone
6.    Store firearms and ammunition safely
7.    Avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms.

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