Elizabeth Street closures this week

Earthquake strengthening will be carried out on the Elizabeth Street parking building as well as streetscape upgrading. Photo:SunLive.

Tauranga City Council is upgrading the streetscape in the area surrounding the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, including Farmers.

Works on Elizabeth Street, including creating a linear park outside Thirty Eight Elizabeth, and to upgrade Mareanui Lane - adjacent to the Elizabeth Street parking building - are being completed in stages as areas are made available.

"Works may be paused or reduced over the coming weeks with the Omicron outbreak impacting on construction staff availability," says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

Elizabeth Street closures:

  • Elizabeth Street between Grey Street and Devonport Road will be closed between 6pm on Tuesday April 19 and 6am on Friday April 22, to allow resurfacing of the road between the mid-block pedestrian crossing and Devonport Road. Businesses, footpaths and accessways will remain accessible during the works.
  • Elizabeth Street west bound lane closure: there is an extended lane closure on the west bound traffic lane (heading towards Takitimu Drive between Devonport Road and Grey Street roundabout). The traffic lane closure is required to enable the completion of the Thirty Eight Elizabeth development, followed by the completion of the streetscape works. Businesses, footpaths and accessways are accessible during the works.
  • Night-time crane lifts: crane lifts will occur periodically at the Thirty Eight Elizabeth building site, at night-times, over the coming months:
    • First Avenue: crane lifts will take place between 6pm to 6am the next day. Traffic management will be in place on First Avenue outside Farmers, and two-way traffic will be maintained. On-street parking will be unavailable at those times.
    • Devonport Road: these crane lifts will require the full closure of Devonport Road between First Avenue and Elizabeth Street, between 8pm and 6am the next day. Traffic management will be in place with pedestrian access restricted to the eastern side of the road.

Elizabeth Street parking building: earthquake strengthening

"We are carrying out earthquake strengthening works on the Elizabeth Street parking building," says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

"These are precautionary works to reduce the risk to users and the extent of damage that a significant earthquake could cause. "We are undertaking the construction in stages, with a maximum of 30 parking spaces unavailable at any given time. Traffic will be reduced to one-way on the ramps when the works are carried out on each level."

Council ask that the public take care when driving or walking around work sites.

"There may be some loud noise at times, as well as shaking, dust and minor delays associated with the traffic management in place – apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

"We recommend people keep their car windows up when in the parking building."

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Permanently closed

Posted on 19-04-2022 09:09 | By The Sage

Elizabeth Street seems to have been permanently closed for over 6 months. I have given up trying to go near that part of town, or any part of town for that matter. I am so sorry for the Retailers and Cinema. What sort of compensation is the Council giving them? None I would think, they would rather give money to agencies and task forces who talk about how they are making the CBD great again. Meanwhile many businesses have gone under. Appalling.

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