Taking care around Cameron Road construction sites

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With a number of construction sites along Cameron Road in Tauranga at the moment, people are being asked to be patient.

"Please take care driving through construction zones and be kind to our construction team as they go about their work," says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

"If you need help, they are happy to assist people find their way through the site."

As the Cameron Road Joint Venture team work along the eastern side of Cameron Road constructing the shared path and two-way cycleway, a significant part of the works includes upgrading the stormwater system, which is happening below the surface.

The team are also upgrading the wastewater network between Elizabeth Street and Third Ave, which requires careful coordination and while it may appear there is not a lot of work happening above ground, the work is progressing below.

"We thank you for your patience and understanding while these essential upgrades are underway."

The Cameron Road Joint Venture team are now on the western side of Cameron Road, working between 213 Cameron Road (Dive Zone) and Wharf Street.

Temporary traffic management is in place, including a northbound left lane closure between, with the Spring Street west intersection closed.

"The wastewater upgrade continues between 1st Ave and 3rd Ave, which sees lane closures on both the northbound and southbound lanes," says the council.

"During this period, northbound traffic will be diverted onto the other side of the road, with a single lane operating in each direction. There will also be lane closures on 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave, as the team progress with this section.

"Work on the eastern side of Cameron Road between 8th and 10th Ave, and 12th Ave and 15th Ave is progressing with the work between 6th and 8th Ave, and 12th to 13th Ave complete for now. Vehicle traffic is reduced to one lane on the eastern side in the areas where work is taking place.

"The 12th Ave/Cameron Road intersection will be closed permanently to through traffic from today.

"Work on the western side between 13th and 15th Ave is underway, with vehicle traffic reduced to one lane on the western side of Cameron Road in this section."

 Visit the Tauranga City Council website for more information.   "If you’re coming into the city, make sure you check the current road closures on the Tauranga City Council website, so you can navigate easily through the city centre," says a council spokesperson.

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