Missing trust

In March 2020, the government issued reports by modelling experts.

More than a year-and-a-half later, no further modelling reports have been issued on the Covid 19 and Ministry of Health websites. Where is the modelled number of hospitalisations and deaths for 2022? How are we to trust that Covid job dismissals and business closures are worth the harm to families’ earnings, harm to child welfare and the debt for our children to repay?

There’s more than one way of skinning a cat. As a country we need to have the difficult conversation about the trade-off between how many deaths there are and the associated job losses, mental health issues, and debt repayment. Hiding information, and not engaging in discussion of health choices, loses people’s trust.

Andrew Clow, Te Puna.

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Posted on 18-01-2022 12:35 | By Rocko

Couldn’t agree more. rocko

The new 'influencers'

Posted on 15-01-2022 07:31 | By crazyhorse

One must remember that the Labour came in the back door to start with and if not for Covid and the mosque shootings would have struggled to be re-elected, now we have a society where a group of people actually rely on Covid for fame and momentary gain, the new influences like siouxsie wiles who is in your face every day and now taking legal action against a university for not protecting her from her own mouth, Covid is here and not going away, live with it, we have no choice, once you get your head around that we can all move forward, listening to the influencers will get us nowhere!

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