Museum issue about priorities

It beggars belief that council’s CEO would state that the $30 million pay-out to owners of the Pacific Apartments would not adversely affect ratepayers. What utter rubbish!

It is to be paid from the council's stormwater funds, a fund required by government to replace and maintain existing stormwater infrastructure.

And that’s not all! Prior to this another fund has been ransacked to pay historic debt. Who is going to replace these funds? Why, the ratepayers of course.

Now, we have been roundly criticised by government and its representatives (the commissioners) for underspending on infrastructure. The commissioners are going to sort that out by building a new library to replace the existing, perfectly good library, a museum which nobody has wanted for a long time and a whole new city centre - none of which will fix our underground services when they become overloaded by infill housing.

Thanks central government.

Dan Russell, Tauranga.

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Posted on 15-01-2022 13:58 | By Shadow1

Well Peanuts9, I have seen the mould in the council building and I’m pretty sure it’s been there for a very long time as had the problem with leaks. No real attempt to fix these things has ever been carried out. The main building was demolished because it was politically expedient to show concern for the staff working conditions. I agree with you that the museum plans were overly expensive and the site impossible but Tauranga ratepayers removed every councillor who used the word “museum” in their campaigns. My letter was more to do with the $30m having to be paid to the owner of the Pacific Apartments. I would like to know how many other payments and how much money has been given to other leaky homeowners. Dan.


Posted on 14-01-2022 16:49 | By peanuts9

Obviously Dan Russell has never been upstairs in the library/council building and seen the leaks, the black mould and the decay. It is sad that he thinks such a building is fit for purpose. Nor do I know anyone who voted against the museum in favour of more roads, etc. We voted against the grandiose plans of the self-important councillors, the cost of those plans and the location. Tauranga needs a museum but it does not need a copy of Te Papa with it’s accompanying price tag and in a location inaccessible to many.

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