Black day for shopping

I’ve been reflecting on some alarming Black Friday research. Apparently, up to 30 per cent of what’s purchased on Black Friday ends up in landfill, unused or barely used, packaging and all. People are whipped up into a buying frenzy.

Forced labour and controlled pricing by the big guns makes it an unethical cake to be baking on all levels. So that led me to reflect on Christmas. I hate to think how many unwanted presents get tossed into the bin and end up at our transfer stations.

I love the idea of sponsoring a pet or a native species or an endangered animal for Christmas presents. There are some fantastic organisations that offer this if you do a bit of a search. A friend just gifted me three native trees planted in a restoration project in the Bay of Plenty for my birthday. How lovely is that?

So let’s see what we can gift that not only has a zero-carbon footprint, but actually enhances the world, helps someone or helps an animal. Let’s generate the warm fuzzies.

Kat Macmillan, Welcome Bay.

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