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I am amazed at the comments of people who say ‘support local’.

Someone tell me why, when I ring, text or email small companies for quotes, around 90 per cent do not reply back.

The first hate of mine is when a visit is arranged, they fail to turn up and when contacted the excuse is: “I was held up.”

Really? You haven’t got a phone?

The second hate is when they turn up bragging and once they leave you don’t hear from them again. No quote or call.

This is why I use a large company, because they respect the clients. The company profitability and organisation starts from the top, and when this boom stops - and it will - we shall see who survived.

The saying ‘clients come first’ appears to be a cheque book quote for the small operators

Darrell Hellier, Matapihi (abridged).

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