A disgrace to the human race

I’ve always felt sorry for people living with undesirables as neighbours, especially in this latest Kāinga Ora case in Whangārei, where the effected neighbour was allegedly threatened to have his throat slit. Unfortunately events like this look set to continue under our current government with their reduced prison population policy.

In my mind, such offenders need to be rounded up and put in a secure isolated reserve, housed in used shipping containers and have the opportunity of using a voluntary on-site rehabilitation centre.

Before they could re-join our civil society (some never would), they would need to have a ‘Certificate of Societal Worthiness’.

If we don’t adopt something like this, the inhumane activity in our Government Rental Properties is set to continue.

Doug Morris, Tauranga (abridged).

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In New Zealand

Posted on 04-12-2021 11:28 | By crazyhorse

Under Labour and the Greens, the loser has become the winner and we will pay for them and suffer their drug or alcohol-fueled wrath for doing it. This government sets people aginst each other, those that take responsibility and those that take none, but, they will take ’our’ money.

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