Passing on my thanks

I want to thank the Minister of Māori Development, Willie Jackson, for clearing up this point.

During the Moriori Settlement Bill’s final reading, Mr Jackson spoke to the Bill. He said in part: “Some people might think it’s not right for someone like me to speak given the mahi (work) I do and what happened with my ancestors. But I have always said that I couldn’t be held responsible for the acts of some of my ancestors.”

So people today can stop feeling bad about the acts of their ancestors and move on.

Helen Weston, Katikati.

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Guilt complex and

Posted on 11-12-2021 13:03 | By R. Bell

its political weaponisation is behind the above letter and those who support it. The fact is that no one living today carries the guilt of their ancestors. Fairness cannot be employed until the unfairness of the past is addressed fully and finally. They all know this but continue to complain, and campaign for a lost cause. The contract is between the Crown and Maori. Get over it.


Posted on 11-12-2021 11:37 | By KiwiDerek

You can complain all you like about how disadvantaged white people are in society, but when you make disparaging generalisations about people based on their race (i.e. "Maori will take everything except responsibility"), that is racism. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. If you don’t want to be called a racist perhaps you could stop saying racist things.

Casual racism?

Posted on 09-12-2021 15:29 | By crazyhorse

New Zealanders have no choice over who their parents are. Birth is a lottery and that is what makes it so unfair. Two babies born on the same day, in the same town, in the same country, have different rights and privileges simply because of their race. "Imagined or not". Something needs to change, this is a fact, not fiction and why is it only whites can be racists?

Casual racism anyone?

Posted on 09-12-2021 15:13 | By crazyhorse

Policies and privileges based around race are not seen as racist, roadblocks manned by people based on race are now legal but ask for some self-responsibility to be taken by Maori, as in go get vaccinated or no not everything is someone else’s fault, now that is being racist?

Casual racism anyone?

Posted on 09-12-2021 08:58 | By KiwiDerek

"Maori will take everything except responsibility" - I guess casual racism is OK with everyone here. I just tend to call it racism. Because it is.

One way street

Posted on 06-12-2021 10:03 | By crazyhorse

Willey won’t be held accountable for the actions of "some" of his ancestors but that doesn’t work the other way around. Maori will take everything except responsibility!

In that case.......

Posted on 03-12-2021 19:57 | By groutby thanks to the writer, that will make us all feel a sense of relief with not having to be guilty nor responsible when continually bombarded with concerns from resurrected or implied concerns of the past..........

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