Police staff fly to Hamilton for checkpoints

File photo.

Police reinforcements from around the country will arrive in Hamilton this evening to support enforcement efforts at the Waikato/Auckland boundary checkpoints.

A total 45 staff from Southern, Canterbury, Tasman, Central, Bay of Plenty and Wellington districts are heading to Hamilton today.

Royal New Zealand Police College staff are also part of this contingent.

Of those, 32 will travel on a specially chartered Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) C-130 Hercules, arriving at Hamilton Airport at 5pm today, says a police spokepsperson

They are the first of three groups of that will rotate in to provide relief for checkpoint staff, and ensure Level 4 enforcement of Tamaki Makaurau continues.

Waikato Police District Commander Bruce Bird will welcome the first group this evening.

“These officers will be accommodated in Level 2 Waikato and work on the Level 2 side of the boundary.  We are grateful to these officers from around the country for providing assistance during a very busy time for the upper North districts.

“Our colleagues in Tamaki Makaurau still have a big job ahead with Alert Level 4 enforcement still a key focus for them as well as the checkpoints, which are playing a big part of the reassurance we provide to communities on both sides of the boundary.”

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@ dumbkof2

Posted on 10-09-2021 20:37 | By Yadick

Great point. Would make total sense.


Posted on 10-09-2021 13:03 | By dumbkof2

surely these check points could be manned by the army with just one police officer supervising. this would allow the police to carry on with normal police work. also the army base is vey close


Posted on 10-09-2021 12:33 | By dumbkof2

last time i looked at the map it was still auckland/ waikato

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