Covid swabbing tent stolen from Tauranga doctors

The COVID-19 swabbing tent stolen from The Doctors Tauranga car park. Photo: TheDoctorsNZ Tauranga Facebook page.

A tent specifically used for swabbing people for Covid-19 has been stolen from a Tauranga doctor's premises over the weekend.

The swabbing tent was taken from the car park behind The Doctors Tauranga, says the practice in a post to Facebook yesterday.

"We are desperately sad to say that over the weekend our huge 6x6m pop up tent with Party Hire branding worth $4,000 was stolen from the back carpark at our practice, The Doctors Tauranga," says the post.

"Because of its size it would have taken multiple people quite a length of time to dismantle it."

Although the tent has been taken, the practice is will not be stopping their Covid-19 testing despite the difficulty that will be experienced with rain, wind and sun.

"Covid-19 testing continues here all day every day, for our community but it means that our nurses are now exposed to the weather.

"Plus, we were going to use it for Covid-19 vaccinations that are starting here too."

The tent set up in the carpark before it was stolen. Photo: TheDoctorsNZ Tauranga Facebook page.

The medical practice request that  'If anyone saw people doing this, or have seen this tent dismantled somewhere, please let us or the police know immediately on 105'.

The medical team have requested on Facebook that the community assist with recovering the stolen swabbing tent by sharing their post.

"Help us get our tent back as soon as possible, share this post to help us with our search. The team here at The Doctors Tauranga appreciates your support."

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@Yadick & laugeo

Posted on 01-09-2021 15:03 | By morepork

The question of punishment is not so simple. Yes, we have been using a slap with a wet bus ticket where something a bit more substantial would be more appropriate. But it is an established scientific fact that harsher punishment is NO deterrent. For centuries we executed and tortured criminals but crime did not stop. The villains believe they won’t be caught, so the penalty is irrelevant. Severe punishments do make some victims feel better, but that is not a step to a better society. Stealing this tent is a disgusting act and you wonder at the world view of whoever did it. But do you think red hot needles under the fingernails would change their mind? I don’t. It would show the action of a society that could produce such people. When caught, they should be made to work assisting the medics they robbed. (After paying substantial fine).

@ Terry Hall

Posted on 01-09-2021 08:51 | By Yadick

Well said. The penalties being handed out by the courts are just pathetic. Also the criminal youth/age needs changing immediately. There’s now 12, 13, 14 yr Olds committing heinous adult crimes and getting away with it. Bring the Adult age down to 15yrs old and start giving penalties that really sting. It’s time the learnt actions gave consequences. We don’t need the do-gooders pedaling their PC crap and destroying society.

get rid

Posted on 31-08-2021 13:34 | By terry hall

we now have to put up with this here in New Zealand now, our beautiful country is deteriorating fast, we have let these low life to go about doing this becourse the so called do gooders protect them, like they were deprived when young, they were treated bad as a child and many more utter crap, what they need is discipline like community service not 3 months 3 years, they will not do it again if the penalty is hard.

How low

Posted on 31-08-2021 12:06 | By laugeo

How low can people stoop. While there are those working hard, putting themselves at risk to help others and generally restoring our faith in people and community. There are the selfish, self serving, thieving types who’s priority is to take advantage of a situation and steal. Of course, in doing so, they make the lives of the good sorts we have doing this great work, more difficult and unpleasant. The words I would use to describe these thieving morons wouldn’t be permitted to be published on here! Acts like this are beyond contempt, these ’people’, these thieves, are disgusting.

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