Tauranga boy making the cut

Kalani Sargent loves his shock of red hair but seems unperturbed about having it cut. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

A fiery four-year-old with “viking hair” is set to lose his lustrous locks.

It will be Kalani Sargent’s first ever haircut and there’s a reason his mum Tina has left it for so long.

Kalani, pictured, proudly informs The Weekend Sun that his 50cm long, curly red hair will be donated to the Child Cancer Foundation to make a wig for a child that needs it.

Tina’s “wild child” has known since he was one that his hair would one day be donated and he seems pretty nonchalant about getting the chop on June 6 at 1.30pm.

Kalani feels good about getting it cut and responds with a confident “no” when asked if he’ll miss his long hair.

A huge celebration has been planned for the occasion that will take place at the Tauranga Sports Fishing Club.

There will be a bouncy castle and face painter because Tina wants the day to be all about her vibrant son.

“I'm excited because of the face painting,” says Kalani, who plans to get his face painted as a dinosaur. His favourite is a stegosaurus.

He then runs off to another room of the house to bring out his robotic t-rex to show us.

There are a few pitfalls to having such long hair, one of them being Kalani often gets mistaken for a girl, says Tina.

His response is always, “I’m a boy!” He says it with a strong voice and emphasis on the “boy”. 

Tina says she will probably have a cry as his hair is cut, especially seeing it is such a “huge part of who he is”.

She describes Kalani as fearless and crazy; he once got his hand stuck in an elevator and has the scar to prove it. He’s also a ball of energy with personality to spare, that loves to entertain and struggles to sit still.

“The lucky child that gets some of his hair is hopefully going to be empowered by some of those really awesome things that have gone into growing his hair.”

There will also be a level of relief because they spend at least 30 minutes a day brushing and caring for his mane.

“I don't think anyone could imagine how hard it is to keep. We've certainly more than looked after it because we always knew that we were going to be giving his hair over.”

The mum of three says when most parents would normally give their child their first hair cut she decided to keep growing Kalani’s.

Hair for child wigs must be untreated “virgin hair” and at least 36cm long. A stylist from Hair to Stare At will be making the cut on the day.

“As a parent, you can never understand what parents would be going through if they had a child with cancer. I just really hope what we're doing will at least help one family out there, that’s going through a really rough time.”

They also have a fundraising page on the Child Cancer Foundation website with a goal of raising $2000 for the charity, which they’ve already exceeded, raising $2420 so far.

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