The Jungle

There is an interesting beast in the wild known as a List MP. These animals are highly loyal to their pack leader, even to the extent of forsaking their own young. Every three years there is a cull, and beasts unloyal to their pack leader are slaughtered.

In the back rooms of political horse trading, deals go down. Policy stallions are traded for old knacks. The number seven ‘Lucky Lady’ bet has been exchanged for ‘Lamo Jack’. It doesn't make the punters happy. If anyone talks about it they're tossed out of the bar. But that's how things roll here: it keeps the bosses happy.

Such is New Zealand politics. Minor parties bribe major ones for policies most don't want. Punters resent the new ticket holders of ‘Lucky Lady’ and fights break out.

Seriously, New Zealand should consider Tasmania's STV (Single Transferable Vote) using two seats per electorate. No List seats, none. Who would have thought we'd need a former penal colony to be our role model? New Zealand what have you done?

Andrew Clow, Te Puna.

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