Obese cows

WBOPDC seem to have fed us a line regards the amount saved by introducing the new rubbish system.

They have stated that the estimated savings (1800 tonne) is equivalent to 2500 cows, that equates to 720kg per animal, this is indeed a very well feed cow. Why not say that the savings are equivalent to 90 large truck and trailer loads to the tip?

Cows are bovine, feminine in gender as opposed to bulls or steers.

MPI and Fonterra have tables that show animal weights and it would seem the weights range between 400-500kg for most dairy cows.

So this would amount to 3600-4500 cows; what measure did the council take to see how many cow weights they could save? Did they make an impulsive and not well thought out decision?

Of course this all comes as an additional cost to the ratepayers leading to in some cases the decision to leave the area. Plus WBOPDC is mostly rural in area

Can any councillor give an honest answer why this new system is being imposed on us ratepayers when the existing system works, would love to hear any feedback.

Neil Candy, Athenree.

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