A caring society

It is concerning that the Abortion Liberalisation Bill was passed in Parliament mainly during the Covid lockdown period with little publicity in the mainstream media.

One example is the attempt by opponents of the legislation to insert a “Born Alive” provision wherein if a late term abortion resulted in a child being delivered alive, it would have been mandatory for the medical professional (having been contracted to abort the child) to switch roles and provide medical care and treatment, presumably contrary to the mother’s wishes. 

This amendment was opposed by 28 per cent of National MPs, 96 per cent of Labour MPs and 100 per cent of NZ First, Greens, Act, with the result that this created a situation where a child can legally be left to die. 

Where is our caring society that makes a great fuss about vulnerable children, looking after the disadvantaged and disabled? 

Voters during this election campaign should ask MP’s how they voted on this particular amendment. Also maybe research further on a number of other important amendments which were eventually defeated. 

Unfortunately list MPs don’t have to care about what voters think.  The percentages I have given show a sound clue to their party’s attitude. 

My perception is that NZ is becoming more dysfunctional with a profound lack of morality….led by our Parliamenterians.

Voters should think carefully when they hear candidates comments on social issues.  A bit of research will disclose their real persona.

Bill Capamagian, The Avenues

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