Pay attention to China

In reply to letters by Mr Dolden.

It is extremely important China’s internal and global expansionist activities remain under the spotlight of continuous, in-depth TV coverage to prevent our own governments from turning a blind eye to injustices committed by PRC central Government in favour of political expediency and economic advantages to win elections. It is unfortunate that some of our elected representatives are willing to compromise the values and integrity our country represents for both personal and career advantage if allowed.

Regardless of the ‘we come in peace with goodwill’ rhetoric it is Xi Jinping’s primary ambition that China fulfil its (mythical) destiny to become the world’s leading monetary and military power replacing US and UK/EU and at the same time expand its territories by silencing Western criticism by an economic trade stranglehold.

To realise these ambitions it is imperative that China retake what in their view is traditional Chinese territories and other resource rich regions like South China Sea region as essential for China’s economic strategies. Over the past 20 years China has been striving to replace the West as the major source of development aid and economic support for many regions in Africa, Central and South Pacific and Oceania in order to gain control of essential natural resources essential for China’s economic growth and expansion. Many of these ‘development’ packages create a multi generation debt while opening these same counties to exploitation and industrial scale environmental disasters by Chinese companies that operate with impunity to prosecution or proper investigation

It should never be forgotten that every year rulers are locking up to torture and/or murder the writers and journalists trying to expose the abuse and injustices against minorities and displaced peoples and even their own populations. The least we can do is be aware, be informed and make our government give voice to our protest.

Shaun McLean, Maungatapu

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