Pot debate

What a disappointment to read Tommy Kapai Wilson's support for decriminalisation of cannabis. Tommy says education is the answer, and he's right. The problem is the proven damage to young brains.

If we see small garden plots of cannabis in the future we can be sure that many more young brains will be damaged for life.

Many years ago at an after-match function a young Maori rugby player castigated me for my sympathetic attitude to weed. My middle class existence wasn't threatened by it he said, but his was.

Decriminalisation will lead to pot plants by the millions, a complacent, compliant stoned electorate with no wish to accomplish anything, and I believe Maori will slip further behind the rest of society.

I write this in the hope that Tommy will think again, or at least respond, and keep the debate alive.

Mike Houlding, Mt Maunganui

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@ Mike

Posted on 07-08-2020 19:48 | By groutby

....I so, so agree, and not just Maori either, but all New Zealanders who will ( if the bill is successful) assume they have unfettered access to this drug....

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