A local fairytale

Once upon a time, King Lange and his Court arranged a marriage between a maiden called Mount Manganui Borough Council to a forever debt ridden suitor, called Tauranga Council.

The King, in his wisdom, wanted TC to succeed in life and thought the union would bring about a positive change in TC with regards to the initial and ongoing dowry and harbour bridge tolls that came with the union.

MBC had absolutely no say in the union, although it was obvious that she was not in love with TC.

The couple soon had a family, the first child was named Inner City, who turned out to be a very demanding boy. Established tradition meant the oldest son inherited the sovereignty of the union, so Inner City was the favoured one.

Papamoa, their daughter, was a bright girl who became a successful individual. MBC was very close to Papamoa and people often said how much alike they were. However, Papamoa was expected to give a significant part of her income to TC which, with other monies from the children, were excessively gifted to Inner City. Although pretty, Papamoa lacked the personal effects that would make her beautiful but TC never understood that.

Over time, Inner City, a chip off the old block, wasted lots of his money on dubious expensive things which turned out to be flawed and without a guarantee.

The end.

D Wilson, Mount Maunganui.

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