A good job by the hospital

It’s not uncommon to hear all sorts of anecdotes about the experiences of patients in the New Zealand public health system.

Since September last year, I’ve found myself a patient at Tauranga Hospital on several occasions.

I can report that the standard of care in A&E, in the coronary care ward and related services is excellent.

My observation is that our hospital staff are obliged to deal routinely with some pretty dismal behaviour. And at times with unappreciative members of the public, some of whom appear unable to grasp that hospital is neither a hotel nor a drop-in centre for family gatherings.

For my part Tauranga hospital staff do a marvellous job. Without exception they’re caring, professional, efficient and well organised. The standard of equipment and facilities is great.

Hold your head high, Tauranga Hospital. You provide marvellous service to this region.

R Morse, Omanu.

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