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In his letter (The Weekend Sun, July 24, page 21), J Rudd, in responding to P Dolden’s earlier letter, claims that: “Israel is the natural homeland of the Jewish people and has been for thousands of years”.

I wonder on what basis he makes this claim. My DNA indicates that I too have ancestral homelands, but I doubt that I could go to England, Scotland, Norway or central Europe and simply take possession of land there, (even if some ancient runic record and a Declaration issued by a third party purported to sanction such a repossession). Anyhow, I don’t think that P Dolden should be so concerned. The current Israeli government-Trump plan to take more land from their rightful Palestinian owners is being held up by Covid-19, which seems to be having a big impact on these two countries (makes you think.)

And even if this scheme were put into effect, the outcome would not be recognised by any government in the free world, other than America’s. Thankfully, the New Zealand Government is on the side of the oppressed, whether they be Palestinians or Hong Kong citizens.

R Rimmer, Tauranga.

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