Tauranga Northern Link

With reference to Angie Warren-Clark’s column (The Weekend Sun, February 7, page 20) Overdue Infrastructure’ what a laugh!!!

As much as I know Angie for her good work socially in the community, Angie and her party need to be brought to account for constantly repeating the Grant Robinson mantra that the Tauranga Northern Link had not been fully funded under the previous Government, disguising the fact that Labour pulled the plug on such a vital project that will frustrate the thousands of daily commuters for longer.

The Global Financial Crisis in New Zealand was not funded but the money came; the Christchurch earthquakes were not funded but the money came; the Kaikoura earthquake was not funded but the money came. That is called managing the economy.

The Tauranga Northern Link was well underway with a start date in the middle of 2018 and right in front of my eyes a local Te Puna pre-school is already re-located leaving the old premises in weeds and tatters where the bulldozers would now be well underway.

For you to say Angie: “that infrastructure keeps our country going but we don’t think about it often,” means you’re not listening to your electorate

D Morris, Tauranga.

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