5G concern

T Livingston (The Weekend Sun, January 24, page 27) is concerned about the impact of 5G on all of us. Now I know where false facts come from.

This reminds me of the Chicken Licken book I read when a child, who was worried that the sky would fall in.

I suggest that he/she does some homework, especially on the inverse square law regarding radiation.

5G will be no different to other forms of data transfer. In fact, with the modern use of fibre optics, which uses light instead of electricity, EMF from copper cables will no longer be present. Anthony Goldsworthy is apparently an artist. What are his scientific qualifications?

It is sad to see some people living in a constant state of dread. Maybe he/she should go build a lead lined bunker in the middle of the Southern Alps. Just make sure it is earthquake proof though.

C Pattison, Papamoa.

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